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10-5-07 Bob and I attended a training seminar organized by the Ohio Municipal League and put on by the Office of the Attorney General.  The training Seminar Agenda was Open Records and provided additional information about Open Meetings Act.

CLICK:  10-5-07 Open Records Seminar Agenda

Education Requirements:

. Require AG to develop, provide, and certify a training program about Public Records Law

. Requires all elected officials or their designees to attend training programs about Public Records Law once per elected term

. Requires the AG to develop and provide to all public offices a model public records policy

. Requires all public offices to prepare and display a poster outlining their public records policy

I tape recorded the Training Seminar and now that the November Election is over I hope to find the time to provide you with sound bites I feel are beneficial and relative to what is happening or not happening in our community.

Keep watching this page for updated information and sound bites. 

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Below is a link that provides a Summary of HB9, Amendments to RC 149.43, Ohio’s Public Records Law posted in the MayJune 2007 magazine “Cities & Villages”, The Journal of the Ohio Municipal League.

CLICK:  MayJune 2007 HB9 Summary

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This page will provide information on House Bill (HB) 9 now before the 126th General Assembly (House Civil and Commercial Law Committee)

CLICK: House Bill Status Report of Legislation


HB 9 was signed by the Governor. Under provisions of the bill all public officials or their designee’s must take a three-hour Open Records course each term of office, provided by the Attorney General or his designee. Redaction or denial of public records must include the reasons or such redactions or denials. Redactions are considered a denial of access to the records in question. Public offices may ask a records requester for their name and that their request be in written form. However, it should be made clear by the office that such information is not an obligation.   All local records commissions plans for retention, disposition or destruction of public records must be submitted the Ohio Historical Society for review. After review, OHS is to submit such plans to the State Auditor for approval or disapproval.

The bill allows for a mandamus action, as does current law. However, the bill provides for “statutory damages” at the rate of $100 a day, up to $1000, from the day the mandamus action is filed. Those damages are to be awarded by the court on all successful actions, unless the judge finds, essentially, that “reasonable” or “well informed” public officials would not clearly know that the records in question were meant to be open.  The bill also allows journalists to still have access to information regarding concealed-carry gun licenses, but journalists are only permitted to see that information, not write down the information they see.

Except for a provision changing the timetable for a study committee on public advertising methods and obligations, the provisions of HB 9 have an effective date of nine months after passage, which makes it around October 1, by our calculation.

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126th Ohio General Assembly 2005-2006

12-14-06 HB-9 was passed in the Senate with several changes.  Due to the changes the Bill will return to the House for approval of these changes.  After the approval of the changes by the House the Bill will be presented to the Governor for his signature and hopefully made into law soon.  To see Bill


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3-15-06 HB-9 passed the House Civil and Commercial Law Sub Committee UNANIMOUSLY.  It will now be presented at 1300 on the floor of the House of Representatives.

HB-9 passed the House Civil and Commercial Law Sub Committee UNANIMOUSLY.  It will now be presented at 1300 on the floor of the House of Representatives.HB-9 passed the House Civil and Commercial Law Sub Committee UNANIMOUSLY.  It will now be presented at 1300 on the floor of the House of Representatives.posted by tkm 3-15-06

CLICK: Oelslager to Introduce Substitute House Bill 9–Revising Ohio’s Public Records Law.

CLICK: Sub. Bill Comparative Synopsis

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Bob and I attended the House Civil and Commercial Law Committee Meeting today, March 1, 2006.

During this meeting we heard testimony from the Records Administrator of the City of Gahanna; Gahanna, Ohio.  I am providing you a copy of this testimony that was presented today by Ms. Sharon Montgomery; if the city of Portsmouth could only have this kind of cooperation from our City Clerk.

CLICK: Sharon Montgomery, Records Administrator, City of Gahanna

I want to thank Ms. Montgomery for her testimony today and let her know even though at this time we have deplorable conditions in our community as it relates to our Public Officials, City Council members (5), the City Clerk, the Chief of Police, and the Mayor and his Office our reform group will continue to persevere and hopefully make progress in our city for the good.

Bob’s and my websites were provided to Ms. Montgomery today so she would be able to find desired information for use as examples of how not to act when elected or appointed to a public office.  I ensured her she would be able to find numerous examples on how “Sunshine Laws,” Public Meetings and Open Records Laws can be violted by the above mentioned Public Officials.

Also, thanks to Mr. Frank Deaner, President Ohio Newspaper Association and Coalition for Open Government for our conversation.  I will keep you updated!!!!!!!

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