2006 May Election

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Press Release by the CCG

CLICK: Press Release

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Further information available that pertains to the May 2006 Election is now accessible by linking to:

CLICK: Elections Commission Complaint against Howard Baughman

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A vote AGAINST all issues on the May 2nd ballot is a VOTE for the PEOPLE!!!!!!!

CLICK:4-22-06 Sound-bite for instructions on how to VOTE for the PEOPLE of PORTSMOUTH

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The word on the street associated with City Council and Chamber of Commerce aka SOGP is DECEPTION!!!!! Listen to the following sound-bite from the April 18th (closed-discussion) Forum

CLICK: 4-18-06 Howard Baughman

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The Sentinel Hard Copy says it all!!!!!!!!

CLICK: “The Sentinel” hardcopy May 2006 Special Edition

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The document linked below will provide you the wording of the Charter Changes, the Referendum and the Referendum Petition.

CLICK: Election May 2006 Charter Changes, Referendum & Income Tax Increase! 

CLICK:  A blank pdf copy of the Referendum Petition passed in the city of Portsmouth, submitted to JoAnn and approved for the May 2006 Election.

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Repeals Ordinance #04-033 of 2004, which authorized suspension of work on a new City Building (former Marting’s building) 


Authorizing and directing the Mayor to suspend work on a new City Building (former Marting’s building) 


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