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Response from Trent Williams on the Public Records Request of 9-1-06.

CLICK:  10-2-06 Disclosure of Public Information and Records dated 9-1-06 

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Public Records Request to Trent Williams:

CLICK:  9-1-06 Richard Noel, President CCG Public Records Request for Mandatory Drug Fines & Total Law Enforcement Trust Fund 

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Linked below is a copy of a letter from Brianne R. Brown, Assistant Chief Legal Counsel, from the office of the Auditor of State office, and addressed to Chief Horner.

This letter describes why his explanations and justifications to maintain control of Portsmouth’s Drug monies is a fallacy.  Also, this letter communicates to Horner why the use of his described MAS Bulletins as justification are deceptive and inaccurate.

CLICK:  6-19-06 Letter from the Auditor of State  

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Linked below is a follow-up letter to Kalb from Williams requesting assistance in resolving the issues associated with the Police Special Account and the unresponsiveness by Chief Horner in resolving this noncompliance as denoted existed by the State Auditors office.

CLICK:  From: Williams To: Kalb

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5-19-06 Letters, I feel, which were written and in response to Chief Horner’s inactions to the directions provided by the State Auditor’s office and communicated in a letter written by Trent Williams, see below section, to ensure compliance with the laws of the City of Portsmouth’s Charter.

CLICK:  From: Williams To: Sketel, State Auditor’s office.

CLICK:  From: Williams To: Council in response to CL#31.

Chief Horner is also noncompliant in following the “Sunshine Laws”.  Several public records requests concerning the Drug Task Force monies have been made to the Chief and the Mayor but both of these requests have been ignored.  These requests and the no response by the Chief or the Mayor can be traced back several months.

It’s called accountability and following the law, which is not in the vocabulary of many of our City officials as exampled above.

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Does it appear to anyone else besides me that Horner is trying to hide something?

First, it has been requested by several citizens of Portsmouth for Horner to account for monies he has accumulated in the Portsmouth Police Department Special Accounts. These requests have gone unanswered even though the Ohio “Sunshine Laws” mandate release of these records.

Second, he tries to get the voters of Portsmouth to pass a tax increase without accounting for monies he currently has under his control; deceitfully retained I might add.

Third, he has now approached Council, to provide by Ordinance, to give him complete control of these funds he currently seems to be mismanaging.

I get the feeling Horner is trying to hide something. Maybe he is unable to provide vouchers for questionable spending!! Maybe he is unable to account for monies that should appear in the checkbook but never made it to the account??!!

Provided below are links to correspondence documenting what I presented above??!!

CLICK:  5-5-06 Letter from Horner to council

CLICK:  5-8-06 Portsmouth Police Department Special Account Memo from Trent Williams, Auditor

CLICK:  5-8-06 Documents from the State Auditor’s Office.

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4-10-06 Watch Dr. Andrew Feight give reasons why we should not support and to vote AGAINST the City Income Tax increase that will appear on the May ballot for the Police Department Drug Task Force.

CLICK:  City Council Meeeting

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Harold Daub requested on February 13, 2006, in writing, from Chief Horner and the Mayor Public Records concerning drug monies and property seized.  As you can see by records copied and posted below the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio and the surrounding County need to be concerned and ask themselves the question, Where are all the monies that have been collected by the Police Department and how are these monies being spent?

It has been two weeks since the request with NO reply from either the Chief or the Mayor

Things that make you question accountability in both these departments.

Due to the attitude of both the Police Chief and the Mayor’s I sure don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling that accountability is in the composition of either of these two offices, maybe they even have something to hide?

And now the Chief wants to place a .2% income tax on the workers of Portsmouth, Ohio.  Just more of your hard earned money to drop into the black hole of nothing.

Say NO to the Income Tax increase

No accountability–No tax.

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What other false hopes have been promised by our Chief of Police???????Read the story written by the PDT on Why the cancellation of the Drug Task Force:

CLICK:  PDT Article–5-15-03

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CLICK:  Annual Law Enforcement Trust Fund and Mandatory Fine Fund Reports

I was informed that one of the official duties assigned to Horner during his tenure as a Captain under the ex-Chief of Police was to compile and file this report with the State. But, it seems he reports to his current boss and the State of Ohio he knew nothing about this report.  At this time he is preparing to come to the taxpayers requesting additional monies.

My question to Chief Horner is, “Where is all the monies that have been collected and why are they not being reported and answerable to the Citizens of Portsmouth by your Department”????

I think this is a question that needs answered prior to any additional funds being requested or collected!!!!!!

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7-23-03 Without the Support of Citizens Public Officials would not be held ACCOUNTABLE.

CLICK:  Public Records Request response from Attorney General’s office

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