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Steven E. Nagel v. Charles H. Horner, et al.
Nagel Wins–Decision and Judgment not only in Portsmouth but with the Fourth Appellate District.

How much more can the taxpayers of Portsmouth afford by this kind of unaccountable spending? Could this be why the Chief is now asking for a .2% Income Tax Levy? This increase will be added to the May ballot if approved by Council.

CLICK: Nagel v. Charles H. Horner Case No. 04CA2975
Statement from page 2, “Nagel contends otherwise and alleges that appellants wrongfully terminated him because he refused to participate in appellants’ purported attempts to discredit another law enforcement officer. Thus, Nagel filed a complaint that contained various claims for relief, including retaliation and hostile work environment against appellants”

CLICK: Portsmouth
And research CASE #03CIC00081

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