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Due to 5 of the 6 Council members coming to meetings not prepared and definitely not educated on appropriation legislation, the City is in financial difficulty.  But, I can’t totally blame all the problems associated with the City’s financial difficulty on Council.  The Mayor and the Auditor also play a major role in the city’s at the end of the years financial status being in the red instead of the black.

Linked below is a video taken at the 12-27-06 “Regular” City Council Meeting, which discusses the problems and possible solutions for balancing the 2006 budget.

CLICK:  12-27-06 Video Clip 

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Per the Mayor, at the 12-28-05 “Regular” City Council Meeting, all is in order to pass the ordinance for the “Rental License Fee” and the support of all Council is in place?

{CLICK: To Hear Audio Clip}

Mayor Kalb’s answer to Bob Mollette’s, 3rd Ward Councilman, letter 05-021 requesting clarification of the “Rental License Fee” being included in the Budget with no Ordinance in place to collect monies.

{ READ: Mollette Council Letter & Response 05-021}

What do you think? Especially when I asked and received from the Mayor this document reported as the Portsmouth Plan, and is suppose to represent the future plans of our city!!

From the looks of it the Mayor doesn’t have a clue let alone a plan??

{CLICK: Portsmouth Plan as presented by the Mayor???}

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