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9-11-08 Letter written to Kalb from Horner is linked below.
Warning – Some language in the attached statement may offend some.

CLICK: 9-11-08 Horner to Kalb “written statement in response to the charges”

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Disciplinary Hearing will be Thursday, September 11, 2008 @ 2:00pm with Jim Kalb concerning Mr. Horner’s actions and inactions during his (Horner’s) occupancy as Chief of Police of Portsmouth, Ohio.

CLICK: 8-13-08 Internal Investigation Report – Concerning Allegations of Misconduct by Chief of Police Charles Horner

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On May 23, 2008, Mr. Horner, previously known as Chief Charles Horner, was placed on Administrative Leave pending Investigation. This comes after two lawsuits were filed against Mr. Horner by Edward L. Scott in Common Pleas Court of Portsmouth, Ohio and after an interview with Mr. Horner about the details of the initial lawsuit that was published in the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) on May 22,2008.

Below is the letter that changed Chief Horner to Mr. Horner:

CLICK: 5-23-08 Administrative Leave pending an Investigation

See details of Lawsuit on following link:

CLICK: Lee Scott

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The wav file below was recorded during the 5-12-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting, item 7b Safety portion (Chief Charles Horner) of the “2008” CIP Budget.

Item 7b is the City’s “2008” CIP Budget, which 4 of 6 council members passed by suspending the three reading requirement and passing after two (2) readings. Councilman Mollette tried to discuss in public the items contained in the “2008” budget, but was verbally attacked by the Chief of Police, Charles Horner; the Mayor, Jim Kalb; Council President and 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman; 4th Ward Council Gerald Albrecht and City Solicitor Mike Jones. By their actions these individual’s are encouraging discussions and deliberations in backroom meeting.

Listen to the following wav file to hear, from all appearances, Chief Charles Horner, City Solicitor Mike Jones and several other city officials attempting to intimidate and pressure Councilman Mollette to vote accordingly or pay the consequences.

CLICK: 5-12-08 7b CIP Budget-Safety Section

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The information provided below sounds a lot like Portsmouth, Ohio.

Joseph and Joanne Pilchesky v. Pennsylvania State Police

ACLU Demands Halt To State Police Interference With Internet Political Discussion Group

December 29, 2005

SCRANTON, PA – The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has joined a lawsuit, filed in October by Scranton-area activists Joseph and Joanne Pilchesky, alleging that the Pennsylvania State Police shut down the Pilchesky’s internet-based-political-discussion site in violation of constitutional free speech and due process rights. The ACLU of Pennsylvania this week asked the federal court to enter an injunction barring further interference with the website by the State Police.

“Police officers cannot run around shutting down Internet websites without first getting a court order, whether they think the material is offensive, defamatory or even illegal,” said Witold Walczak, the ACLU of Pennsylvania’s Legal Director. “Especially political websites like the Pilchesky’s, which serve an important public service by providing a forum for discussion about Scranton’s government officials and activities, must be protected vigorously from government censorship,” continued Walczak.

The Pilcheskys operate and a linked message board, which serve as the primary public forum for political debate about the conduct of Scranton officials. Between August and October, 2005, several hundred people posted some 3,300 messages on the site, discussing the actions of a dozen different local officials.

But in October, after Sara Hailstone, Director of Scranton’s Office of Economic and Community Development, became the subject of a series of posts, the State Police intervened. The Police action appears to have been prompted by Hailstone’s family members, who are also politically active in Scranton politics.

Days after Joseph Pilchesky posted a message asking for information about Ms. Hailstone, attorneys A. James Hailstone and Andrew Hailstone attempted to have all mention of Ms. Hailstone removed from the site. The attorneys, Ms. Hailstone’s brother and father, respectively, accused the Pilcheskys of endangering Ms. Hailstone and relayed those accusations to the company that hosts the message board.

Joseph Pilchesky responded promptly to the Hailstones’ concerns, requesting that Ms. Hailstone or her attorneys identify any threatening message on the board so that the Pilcheskys could evaluate and, if necessary, remove it. Instead of responding directly to the Pilcheskys and upon learning that the web-hosting company had refused to shut down the message board, the Hailstones apparently turned to the State Police.

On October 7, 2005, without notice to the Pilcheskys, a court order, or due process of any kind, State Trooper Derek Fozard sent a fax to the company that hosted the bulletin board, demanding that the bulletin board be blocked immediately because of a complaint by Sara Hailstone. The host complied. As a result, all 3,300 of the messages on the board – the vast majority addressing subjects other than Ms. Hailstone – were rendered inaccessible to the Scranton community shortly before a bitterly contested local election.

The State Police did not withdraw the request that the site be blocked until December 22 – when the ACLU threatened immediate court action to have the site restored. Because the State Police still refuse to guarantee that they will not issue any more secret orders to suppress the Pilcheskys’ speech, the ACLU this week asked the federal court to enter an injunction prohibiting further interference with the site.

“This country’s profound commitment to debate on public issues means that public discussion may well, in the Supreme Court’s words, include vehement, caustic and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials,” said Robert LaRocca, a director of the Philadelphia firm of Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. and the ACLU cooperating attorney handling the case. ”Criticism of politicians is an essential part of our democracy that must be afforded the most vigorous defense,” stated LaRocca.

The Pilcheskys are represented by Witold Walczak, Paula Knudsen and Mary Catherine Roper of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, Robert LaRocca, Josh Snyder and Kate Resnick of Kohn Swift & Graf, P.C. , and by Seth Kreimer of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The case is Pilchesky v. Pennsylvania State Police, CV-05-2074, and is pending in U.S. District Court in Scranton.

CLICK:  Pilchesky Final Amended Complaint

CLICK:  Pilchesky Memo for Preliminary Injunction

Chavla v. Kavakich

In April 2004, the ACLU-PA obtained a federal court order on behalf of Internet-community-bulletin-board hosts to block a police chief from threatening to arrest people who posted messages on the site criticizing him, and from using illegal subpoenas to try to uncover his critics’ identities. On January 24th, 2006, the ACLU announced it had reached a settlement with the Washington County municipality and its suspended Chief of Police that would ensure the freedom of residents to debate political issues on a local website without fear of retaliation from local authorities.

Related Documents:

CLICK:  Suit Against Washington County, PA Police Chief over Harassment of Internet Critics Settled

CLICK:  Chavla Consent Order–Signed

CLICK:  Consent Order

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View below a citizen’s comment concerning the Police Fleet and how it affects the City’s Budget.   Side note – Was there deception involved during the requesting and purchasing of these vehicles?

CLICK:  2-26-07 Harald Daub speaking at the City Council Meeting.

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For a City that is going bankrupt we sure know how to purchase vehicles.

This is a picture of the three (3) 2006 Ford Expeditions sitting outside the
City Building.

This is a picture of one of the two (2) 2007 Ford Five Hundred Luxury Sedans sitting outside the City Building.

Chief Horner requested, from Council, permission to purchase 15 new vehicles for the Police Department.  This request was approved by 5 of the 6 Council members.  Instead of Chief Horner purchasing 15 new cruisers he procured three (3) 2006 Ford Expeditions (SUV’s), (2) 2007 Ford Five Hundred Luxury Sedans, and ten (10) 2007 Ford Crown Victoria’s.

The 5 year Lease purchase agreement that was approved by Council will cost the City of Portsmouth $410,750.

CLICK:  Documents pertaining to the purchase of 15 new vehicles for the Police Department and 1 vehicle for the Courts.

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A Notice posted outside the Chief’s Office:
And He claims to Support Citizens having what belongs to them


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3-13-06 Is the attached clip below a form of intimidation by the Chief of Police to ensure citizens are not being encouraged to attend Council Meetings???

CLICK: Chief with a Camera!!!!

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Does Chief Horner make it a practice to use search warrants for his own purposes?

CLICK: Ruby-v-Horner 2002

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Additional stories written by the Shawnee Sentinel Staff and posted on the website can be found by:

CLICK: Shawnee Sentinel

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To report the Misconduct of Public Officals’ (malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance and criminal acts)

U.S. Department of Justice
P.H. Building–Criminal
ATTN: Attorney General’s Office
950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530
Phone: 202-514-2000


1-23-06 Regular Council Meeting–Conference Session
It appears that when accurate and informative public records information is disseminated on certain websites for public viewing several of our public officials get their panties in a wad because the truth is out. It appears that when accurate and informative public records information is disseminated on certain websites for public viewing several of our public officials get their panties in a wad because the truth is out.

CLICK: Attempt to justify denial of Public Records to Citizens

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A letter submitted to Chief Horner with NO ACTION taken by the Chief (Guess I didn’t have anything he needed at the time)

RE: I am writing this request for investigation in reference to Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.03 Intimidation against Teresa Mollette by Marty Mohr 6th Ward Councilman


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As we gear up for the May election several individuals and public officials in our community will try and convince others that Recall is wrong. They will try to discredit the citizens and taxpayers who are trying to improve the scandalous environment that thrives in our community. They will call the truly concerned citizens in our community names like:

CLICK: 1-9-06 “Domestic Terrorists”

The only real terrorist in our community are the ones that are and will try to stifle and silence the efforts being made to move our community forward for the good of all and not just a select few.

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