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CLICK: PDT column in Wednesday, January 11th 2006 paper.

As you read this story you will see the Sheriff’s Department received a total of $63,000.00 in grants to purchase laptop computers for their Department. These grants were received from state and federal grant monies. Why is it other groups in our area are able to secure grants and the city of Portsmouth taxpayers are expected to pay it all. The Police Department, just last year with Ordinance 38-05, prepared and brought before Council an Ordinance to pay $85,000.00 for the same type of services.

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If we only had a Grant Writer for the City of Portsmouth.
CLICK: Water And Sanitary Sewer Systems Grants:

This is a News Release I received a copy of this morning. Applications for the program are accepted on a continual basis… (copied from last paragraph second page)!!

It was reported at the Council Meeting by the Water Department Director–NO grants were available for upgrades to the Portsmouth Water System. As it looks from this latest NEWS RELEASE we were lied to again.

For the last 8 years the City has ignored the citizens of the Grandview area with problems associated with sewage backing up in their basements. Seems there have been grants available for some time but our Community Development Department does not seem to be doing their job. Also, 5th Ward Councilman Howard Baughman has ignored the citizens of this neighborhood for approximately 8 years as they have begged for help with their issue of raw sewage in their basements. During the 2005 election campaign promises were made by Baughman to the residents that he would pursue corrective actions–THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED. The citizens of this neighborhood are once again being forgotten for self-serving reason, and as you can see by the above News Release grants are available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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