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6th Ward Councilperson Martin Mohr did not run for re-election in the November 2007 election.  His term ended 12-31-07 

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Videos taken at the 3-27-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting 

Howard Baughman sets the scene for Marty Mohr to be the last to speak. This shows his support and encouragement towards harassment, intimidation, threats, pressure, and terrorization towards citizens and other Council Members, especially Bob Mollette.

CLICK: 3-27-07 Howard Baughman

Marty Mohr harassing, intimidating, threatening, pressuring, and terrorizing citizens and other Council Members, especially Bob Mollette.

CLICK: 3-27-07 Marty Mohr, 6th Ward Report 

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During the 6th Ward Report Marty Mohr chastises the voters who passed the levies that now appear on your current tax statement. The three additional taxes found on my statement are one for our community seniors and two for MRDD.

Seniors of the 6th Ward, do you feel abandoned by your representative.

CLICK: 2-12-07 Marty, during his 6th Ward Report, ranting about the taxes collected by the County that support our seniors.

Also, during Marty Mohr’s 6th Ward Report he ridiculed public citizens for trying to ensure Council did not violate the rights of citizens of Portsmouth with a dishonest Eminent Domain ordinance, which had been passed previously by Council between the City, Neal Hatcher and SSU. With Marty’s actions it is evident he was upset because Hatcher was unable to rob property, in the 4th Street area, from good people like Mr. Perry.

CLICK: 2-12-07 6th Ward Report

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12-11-06 “Regular” City Council Meeting 6th Ward Report

CLICK: Marty Mohr 6th Ward Report

This is a normal look directed at Bob everytime Bob is talking

Feel the Love from Marty Mohr directed towards Bob.  Who is Marty kidding? 

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We have a Chief of Police that promotes and encourages Council members, by his actions or inactions, busting citizens in the mouth and getting the knife out to threaten citizens of Portsmouth but insists the current reform group are “Terrorists”.To me I get the impression the Chief supports terrorist like actions by City Government Officials or is the leader of the crusade, which is supporting this type of behavior by City Officials.

Extracted quote from the Vice President of Council, Mr. Mohr, wanting to Punch citizens in the mouth for parking violations!!!

CLICK: Mohr expressing his desires to punch citizens in the mouth–Conference Meeting 1-9-06

Extracted quote from the Vice President of Council, Mr. Mohr, wanting to get a knife out to threaten citizens of Portsmouth, while the whole time making stabbing motions with his hand!!

CLICK: Get the Knife Out–Conference Meeting 1-9-06

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Disciplinary Hearing of Martin Mohr 7-25-05

CLICK: To Read Official Minutes

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This is a letter submitted to Chief Horner–No action was taken.
RE: I am writing this request for investigation in reference to Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.03 Intimidation against Teresa Mollette by Marty Mohr 6th Ward Councilman


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Words spoken by Marty Mohr during a Regular Council Meeting on Monday January 24, 2005

This section was copied from the Meeting Minutes on the Portsmouth Government website

CLICK: Portsmouth Page 12.

Looking around the room Mr. Mohr advised the “people on the internet” and noting that they knew who they were, and “everybody that associates with those people who are on the internet” and noting that they too know who they are, to make their personal references here not on the internet. Mr. Mohr said, “My love for my wife, my love for my family, my love for my church, my love for this City is unprecedented by anybody in this room”. Mr. Mohr said he would not stand for anybody to say anything detrimental to his wife or his family. He stated, “I said I would not say anything about this but I’m going to say it because these gentlemen and the majority of this front row is crap”. He continued, saying, “You associate with those people, you are those kind of people.

CLICK: To hear the spoken words of Mr. Mohr.

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