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At the September 22, 2008 City Council Meeting Jim Kalb, during the Mayor’s Report, made several rebuttal comments about remarks made by citizens. His last remark was directed towards me and the lawsuits I filed. The first one against the City was on May 28, 2004, which proved council met in round-robin sessions to collect information and deliberate on the purchase of the Marting Building. The second lawsuit was filed on September 19th, 2008 due to Council taking away my guaranteed constitutional rights by removing me from a council meeting.

My rebuttal to Jim Kalb would have to be – Quit breaking the law and citizens would not have to use the courts to ensure justice in our city.

Watch the video taken during the Council Meeting.

CLICK:  9-22-08 Mayor’s Report – Jim Kalb

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In my opinion during the Monday 2-11-08, “Regular” City Council Meeting Mayor Jim Kalb criticized, mocked, and ridiculed citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio. The Mayor was deliberately trying to get a rise out of certain citizens that were in attendance of the meeting.

Provided during this meeting was a uniformed and armed police officer in the back of the room; this is not normal procedure for council meetings. Mayor Kalb continued rambling for nearly 13 minutes until he got a victim to bite on his plan to enrage a citizen in attendance; watch video:

CLICK: 2-11-08(1) Mayor’s Report – Jim Kalb

CLICK: 2-11-08(2) Mayor’s Report – Jim Kalb

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At the 1-14-07 City Council meeting the mayor once again attacked his fellow council members that were seated during the signing time of the 2nd agreement with the Marting Foundation.  Also, by his actions at this meeting he insulted the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio by his inappropriate behavior (see 1-14-08 video clip of the Mayor’s Report below).

Mayor Jim Kalb has only one person to blame for his mistakes and inabilities – HIMSELF.

Also read C. Clayton Johnson’s opinion of our Mayor by clicking the link http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?p=315.

1-14-08 City Council Meeting

CLICK: 1-14-08 video clip of the Mayor’s Report

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2-1-06 Written evidence Kalb is not qualified to be Mayor of the City of Portsmouth.

CLICK: Kalb Letters

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CLICK: KALB LETTER to Russ Cooper 10-9-2005

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