Taxpayer Expectations

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  • City Council
    Mission Statement & Core Values

  • Enhancing quality of life by focusing on service, leadership and value for money
  • Open communication
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation and risk taking
  • Fostering City and Personal Wellness

      The City of Portsmouth (subsequently referred to as the “City”) is an organization offering a wide range of essential services to the residents of Portsmouth. As such, the workforce includes many individuals with the diverse backgrounds and skills required to provide quality services.

    As a City employee and Council Member of our community you must perform your duties in a manner that maintains and enhances public confidence and trust in the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the City. Trust and mutual respect are the cornerstones of any relationship between the public and its government. Furthermore, as an organization entrusted with public funds, you are obligated to ensure the protection and appropriate use of all its resources and assets.

    As a City employee and Council Member you must accept ownership of the City and the services it delivers to the citizens of Portsmouth.

    As a City employee and Council Member you must recognizes that it is only through the commitment and effort of each individual in its workforce that the excellent quality of these services is achieved and public trust is maintained in this level of government. As its most valuable and important asset, City employee and Council Members therefore are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of behavior.

    As a City employee and Council Member you are expected to be aware of, and comply with laws and policies. Public service is a public trust, and as an organization entrusted with public funds, it is critical that every City employee and Council Member be committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

    The City taxpayers’ expectation of its employees is a commitment of caring for our community’s needs and maintaining fiscal responsibility on behalf of the public, and a consistent behavior in delivering services.

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