City Swindle

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Below is a link providing the November 4th ballot language for the renovation of the Marting Building and the Adelphia site building.

Don’t be fooled by the false ads being distributed by the same few who want nothing but your wallet. This endeavor should never be funded by the taxpayers, but I would agree to a developer taking the project forward. This would mean that the developer would take the risk with his own money. A developer’s job is to take risks when he feels it would be profitable for both him first and the community second. I don’t see a developer stepping up to the plate to take those risks, only the unelected leaders of our community asking the taxpayers to fund this project for the next 30 years at a cost to them of ~440% a year on their property taxes. Who is going to pay for this?  The senior citizens, their children, their grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren.

Can you afford these taxes while some of those asking you to pay for this risk, are abated 100% for 20 years, which means they don’t even pay for their portion of the schools?

Be informed before you VOTE on the November 4th issues.

CLICK: November 4th, 2008 City Building Issues

At the August 11, 2008 City Council Meeting Jerry OBannion, a partner in Port City Cafe’, which is located on Chillicothe Street, Portsmouth, pleaded to Council to leave the current language for the city complex as is.  He then continued his talk by criticizing the average citizen and taxpayers of Portsmouth that disagreed with him on the proposed Marting renovation.

Boycott – Port City Cafe’    

Listen below to the disrespect from a business owner in Portsmouth to the average citizen and taxpayer of Portsmouth.

CLICK: 8-11-08 Jerry OBannion

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City Swindle

2008 November Election City Council is working to place on the ballot an item that may possibly charge the taxpayers of Portsmouth, Ohio a bill for approximately $14 million dollars.  In my opinion this indebtedness and ballot issue is prior to preparing a well thought-out plan and making that plan public.


The Mayor and several City Officials believe they have a comprehensive plan that justifies placing the taxpayers of Portsmouth in debt.  This attitude by Mayor Jim Kalb; Council President and 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman; Council Vice President and 2nd Ward Council David Malone; 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan; 4th Ward Council Jerrold Albrecht; City Auditor Trent Williams and City Solicitor Mike Jones can be construed as negligence in office and/or a lack of competence in running a city.  Anyone with any business savvy knows that just having an architectural plan does not mean you have a comprehensive plan for success.

CLICK:  7-28-08 Discussions on new City offices – 1

CLICK:  7-28-08 Discussions on new City offices – 2

CLICK:  7-28-08 Discussions on new City offices – 3

CLICK:  7-28-08 Discussions on new City offices – 4

  1. You must know how much it will cost and if that cost is practicable for the public being taxed.
  2. You must know where and how you are going to finance it.
  3. You must know what resources you have to make the construction possible.
  4. You must know your available assets and costs associated.
  5. You must know which of these assets can and could be sold to defer some costs to the taxpayers.
  6. You must know how you are going to maintain it.
  7. You must have an architect design a plan that fits your budget

From my observations all the city has is an architectural plan without the necessary costs that will affect the taxpayers of Portsmouth, Ohio – I expect more and I hope you do to.

Below are video clips from the 7-28-08 City Council Meeting that show some of the concerns citizens voiced about the current decision for city offices:

CLICK: 7-28-08 Kevin Johnson

CLICK: 7-28-08 Dee Penix

CLICK: 7-28-08 Jane Murray

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