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    SOGP Message Boy, Rick Greene, SLOBBERS OUT ANOTHER EDITORIAL PRAISING meathead MARTIN MOHR, the moron!

    Posted on the Sentinel 11/3/2005The Daily Crime, Rick Greene, once again shows his real loyalty to the SOGP and not to the people of Portsmouth who buy his RAG. Greene states there is just a vocal minority attempting to shape the city. Ricky, how many people signed Mohr’s recall petition? About two hundred 6th ward voters, is this a few? Who else is trying to shape the city? Surely not Rick Greene and the PDT’s SOGP cronies! Remember? You’re the one that said to keep Bauer, and Caudill and Sydnor! They were really moving the city in the right direction, we are to believe? And what did the voters say — RECALL!

    Do you pretend to forget that Mohr attempted to ignore the public’s right to speak at city council meetings–in violation of the city’s own charter? You also neglected to mention his arrogance when disciplined by Council; he spit in their faces and said, “I can’t promise you I won’t do it again!” You also neglected to mention his “You are CRAP” outburst at the people attending the meetings, especially the ladies in the front row!

    You’re a coward. Even when you know what’s right, you go along with what you’re told by the REAL minority, not the “vocal” one you love to slam in your editorials, but the one that hides behind closed doors… that handful of people who sometimes call themselves the Chamber of Commerce, or the SOGP, Portsmouth Murals, Inc., the Marting’s Foundation, the Martings Brothers’ Foundation, or any of the other nineteen names they bounce our taxmoney around through as they each take their cut. And Rick Greene, you’re nothing but their little paper boy. Isn’t he cute? Here’s a little extra something for you for Christmas, Ricky!

    If there was a way to recall a Newspaper Editor your name would surely be on the ballot this November to be RECALLED. Not all of the crooks are in the government. Mostly, they’re corporate sleaze. Look in the mirror. They’re filling their pockets with the poor working man’s money.

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