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7-14-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting -This video of Jerrold Albrecht, 4th Ward Council, is him responding to 3rd Ward Councilman Bob Mollette’s request to amend the Ordinance for city offices to ensure the taxpayers of Portsmouth are given a choice.

I had to ask myself who Mr. Albrecht works for the Judge(s) or the citizens, and who gives the judge(s) the right to dictate what type of chambers the taxpayers of Portsmouth will provide. Are the judge(s) not concerned with the economic stability Portsmouth, or was Mr. Albrecht’s speach prearranged by another councilman who has used this same type of threat in the past. 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan told the citizens of Portsmouth they would not have police protection if they did not vote in favor of his plan for new city offices.

Is the City of Portsmouth really in the United States of America where Democracy is our form of government, or is there several unelected special interest groups who are trying to maintain a Dictatorship form of government in Portsmouth.

See video below:

CLICK:  7-14-08 Albrecht appearing to threaten the taxpayers of Portsmouth by request of the Municipal Judge(s) of Portmouth

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5-27-08 DeLynn Coppoletti turned over to President of council Howard Baughman, 5th Ward, petitions signed by people detailing their desires to renovate the Marting Building to provide city offices and a city center project. The majority of people who signed the petitions resides outside the city limit, was anonymous, or did not document their residence.

I believe in our community (Scioto County), but with that said I also believe petitions should always be carried out in accordance with the law. Yes, every individual has the right of petition, but those petitions should always be handled and passed in accordance with the laws and not in a manner deceptive and misleading.

See below the petitions that were turned over to council demanding the Marting Building be renovated at the expense of the taxpayers of Portsmouth – at whatever the costs.

CLICK: 4-28-08 Support of City Center Concept

5-27-08 The ABC requested Tanner, Stone, Holsinger, Donges to provide a presentation at the Conference Session regarding plans for a city complex. (these video may take several minutes to load depending on your internet connection)

CLICK: Presentation(1)
CLICK: Presentation(2)
CLICK: Presentation(3)
CLICK: Presentation(4)
CLICK: Presentation(5)
CLICK: Presentation(6)
CLICK: Presentation(7)

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Dr. Victoria Wulsin turns her back on the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio. Listen and watch the video of Dr. Wulsin supporting the very ones who setup the Marting sham and victimized the citizens of Portsmouth.

CLICK: 5-27-08 Dr. Victoria Wulsin

More information and letters can be found:

CLICK: Portsmouth City Center (Marting Building/Adelphia Building)

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5-27-08 plans were presented by Tanner, Stone, Holsinger, Donges during the Conference Session held shortly after the Regular City Council Meeting:

Citizens at the meeting were not permitted to make comments or give suggestions during the meeting.  Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council, requested the City Solicitor, Mike Jones, to prepare an Ordinance for the next “Regular” City Council meeting.  This request was made with no real plans or ideas for preparation being discussed during the meeting; sounds more like backroom meetings are taking place instead of working in the public. 

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