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During 2-11-08 City Council Meeting Auditor’s Report Mr. Williams criticized the amount of time taken for items not on the agenda, and that no time was spent talking about the budget; basically what I think he said was the meeting was a waste of his time:

CLICK: 2-11-08 City Council Meeting Auditor Report – Trent Williams

My question for Mr. Williams would have to be, are the citizens and taxpayers of Portsmouth a waste of your time? Maybe we need to remember this during the next Auditor election. Citizens should feel it is a waste of their time to vote for Trent Williams for Auditor. With this type of attitude it appears to me he has taken the attitude of the ex-6th Ward Council member Marty Mohr who tried to remove from the agenda the rights for citizens to speak on items not on the agenda.

Mr. Williams also mentioned during his report that is was council’s responsibility to determine pay for city officials. Since I knew Mr. Williams was fully aware of the ethics and the law concerns I requested clarification by Mr. Williams about his comment concerning pay raises for the Solicitor and the Auditor. He informed me past practice takes precedence over ethical behavior and the laws of our city and state. This comment by Mr. Williams told me why the majority of our city officials feel their unethical behavior is justified – past practice!

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