2008 March Election

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Primary Election

Scioto County Sheriff position:

Marty V. Donini, Republican incumbent – (certified)

Ken Reed, Democrat challenger – (certified)

Scioto County Clerk of Courts:

Lisa White, Republican candidate – (certified)

Mary Beth Hanes, Democrat candidate (decertified)

Scioto County Commissioners:

Tom Reiser, Democrat incumbent (certified)

Doug Coleman, Republican candidate (certified)


Mike Crabtree, Democrat incumbent (certified)

George Crumm, Republican candidate (certified)

Scioto County Recorder:

Irene Ashley, Democrat incumbent (certified)

Loren Purdom, Republican candidate (certified)

Unopposed Scioto County Races:

Scioto County Coroner:

Terry Johnson, Republican incumbent (certified)

Scioto County Prosecutor:

Mark Kuhn, Republican incumbent (certified)

Scioto County Engineer:

Clyde Willis, Democrat incumbent (certified)

Unopposed Judges:

4th District Court of Appeals:

Judge Pete Abele (certified)

Scioto County Court of Common Pleas, General Division:

Judge William Marshall – term ending 12-31-08 (certified)

Judge Howard Harcha III – term ending 2-2-09 (certified)

Juvenile and Probate Judge:

Judge James W. Kirsch – term ending 1-8-09 (certified)

Tax levies that will be on the Primary ballot:

Vernon and Nile Townships Fire Protection levies

Nile Township Ambulance and Emergency Medical Renewal

Washington Township Construction and Reconstruction, and Repair of roads

Otway Village Fire Protection Levy

Rarden Township Resurface and Repair Roads and Bridges

Clay School District Construction of a K-12 facility

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