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4-14-08 City Council Meeting – Watch the video below and see if you don’t think Mike Jones, Solicitor has been hanging out with Chief Horner too much. From watching the video I get the impression Mr. Jones is trying Horner’s intimidation tactics.

After the second City Council meeting of this year I mentioned to Mr. Jones I could almost hear Mike Mearan’s voice coming from his (Jones) mouth when closing my eyes. Now it appears Mr. Jones is moving up to the next level by taking lessons from Chief Horner on how to coerce the public and to intimidate a city councilman.

CLICK: 4-14-08 Mike Jones, Solicitor video 

During the April 14, 2007, Regular City Council meeting Mike Jones, City Solicitor, was infuriated about a letter sent to the Attorney General’s (AG) office by Bob Mollette. During his rant Jones exclaims, “He writes the highest ranking legal officer in the state of Ohio… putting me in a position to have to defend our actions, which were all aboveboard and perfectly legal.” Jones also exclaims, “He gave me no indication he even wanted this information.”

Mr. Jones, I beg to differ with you, a paper trail is documented evidence. From reading Bob’s letter it also appears Mr. Jones setup round-robin meetings to discuss and promote the Marting Building. A majority of council would be 4 council members. Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council is on the Advisory Board Committee (ABC), which Mr. Jones arranges and talks with Mr. Mearan on a continual basis, we know he prearranged meeting with both Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward Council and Rich Noel, 6th Ward Council, and during several council meetings Howard Baughman, President and 5th Ward Council expressed discussions in scheduled meetings with the ABC committee ideas supporting the Marting building. Now if my math is correct and not fuzzy like Mearan’s and David Malone’s, 2nd Ward Council that totals four (4).

According to the City Charter four (4) members of council constitute a quorum, and according to the Sunshine Laws, whether they meet in one group or in round-robin sessions a majority of council constitute a quorum.

Sunshine Laws:

DEFINITION: For a gathering to be a “meeting,” the gathering must have three characteristics:

It must be (1) a prearranged gathering; (2) that is attended by a majority of the members of the public body; and (3) arranged for the purpose of conducting, transacting, deliberating, or discussing public business. Where all three of these characteristics are present, the gathering is a “meeting” for purposes of the open meetings law, and the provisions of that law must be satisfied; specifically, the meeting must be open, proper notice must be given, and minutes must be maintained.

On March 24, 2008, Council voted to move forward with plans to renovate the Marting Building. Mr. Malone and Jerrold Albrecht, 4th Ward Council, seemed to also know a lot of information that never made it to the public. The only way this could be possible is if other prearranged gatherings, potentially setup by Mr. Jones, took place.

Below is the latest correspondence, April 17, 2008 #013, in answer to Mr. Jones’ tirade at the April 14, 2007, City Council meeting. Also, below are several links to other letters relating to concerns by Mr. Mollette.  The ones I have linked below relate to Sunshine Laws, Marting Building, and Tax Abatements, which Mr. Jones had full knowledge of and chose not to respond; 4 were addressed to him and 3 were copied to him prior to the letter being sent to the AG’s office.

See all letters at:  CLICK:  LETTERS

To:  Mike Jones
CLICK: April 17, 2008 #08-013

To:  Marc Dann
cc: Mike Jones
CLICK: March 31, 2008 #08-010

To:  Mark Kuhn
cc: Mike Jones
CLICK: March 18, 2008 #08-009

To: Council
       Jim Kalb
       Trent Williams
       Mike Jones
CLICK: March 7, 2008 #08-008

To: Jim Kalb
cc: Mike Jones
CLICK: March 3, 2008 #08-007

To: Trent Williams
cc: Mike Jones
CLICK: February 25, 2008 #08-006

To: Jim Kalb
      Trent Williams
      Mike Jones
CLICK: February 14, 2008 #08-005

To: Council
       Jim Kalb
       Trent Williams
       Mike Jones
CLICK: February 14, 2008 #08-004

To: Jim Kalb
       Mike Jones
CLICK: February 6, 2008 #08-002

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CLICK: 12-5-91 91 Advisory Opinion-008 Ohio Ethics Opinion

CLICK:  02-11-08 Pay Raise Issue 08-002

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2-25-08 City Council Meeting and Conference Session:

My main purpose for supporting Mike Jones in the November 2007 election was I knew what we had with David Kuhn. Even though my first priority was the removal of David Kuhn from office, I felt a certain amount of optimism for Portsmouth, Ohio assisting Mr. Jones in securing the office of City Solicitor.

When Mr. Jones took office I considered not providing my opinion publicly until he had been in office for 3 months or more. But, after last nights meeting I decided the people of Portsmouth needed to know about the rocky road ahead. I do need to mention a surprise comment by Mr. Jones at last nights February 25, 2008 Conference Session concerning the Marting building. His comment not only took me by surprise, but several others in the room. Mr. Jones provided to council his opinion about the use of the Marting Building, and stated the city did not need another lawsuit. He felt that by moving forward with the building as city offices could led the city into another lawsuit. It was mentioned during the meeting the Marting building was a 4 letter word to the public. Howard Baughman, President of Council, mentioned he believed the citizens of Portsmouth knew what they were voting for when they turned down the Marting building, and that was to not use the Marting building for city offices.

Since the window of opportunity has now been open I will continue providing information and my comments on how Mr. Jones is progressing or even digressing in his position as City Solicitor.

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1-14-08 was the City Solicitor Mike Jones’ first “Regular” City Council Meeting. Below I provided a video clip of Mr. Jones’ comments during this meeting, but deliberately made no remarks.

As I mentioned above this is Mr. Jones’ first meeting and as always I’m willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and to give myself a reasonable amount of time to assess and determine a person’s true agenda.

I hope all citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio will keep educated, informed and updated on what is happening in our city.

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1-14-08 City Council Meeting

CLICK: 1-14-08 Video clip of the Solicitor’s Report

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