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Just recently I have been told Mr. Justice has been known to harass citizens of Portsmouth by using his city titles.

The letter linked below is from Mr. Justice to Mr. & Mrs. Daub after they reported a violation, to the Engineering Department, concerning the downspouts on their neighbor’s garage. The downspouts that had been installed on the neighbor’s garage was diverting water from the neighbor’s garage to the Daub’s backyard, which was causing land erosion and water seepage in the Daub’s basement.

CLICK: 5-29-07 Letter from Justice to Daub

Now I would like to show you several pictures that were just recently taken of properties associated to Mr. Justice.

The pictures below are taken on a building located behind the house Mr. Justice lives in:

This is a picture of the property just across the street from Mr. Justice:

Linked below, and included in the same pdf, are two written reprimands issued to Larry Justice by the previous Engineering Department Head:

CLICK: 8-1-2002 & 9-24-2002 Letters of Reprimand

Larry Justice is an employee of the Engineering Department.  He holds titles of Building Inspector and Building Code Enforcer. The reason I am bringing up Larry Justice, along with his titles, is to show the citizens of Portsmouth who is responsible for enforcing certain areas of our Codified Ordnances.

CLICK: 3-22-96 Mr. Justice had a lien placed on his property for $7,053.76 by the courts after the Ohio State Bureau of Workers’ Compensation filed claim.

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