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  • 9-10-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting discussion

    CLICK: 9-10-07(1) Water Contract between SOGP and SOCF discussed

    CLICK: 9-10-07(2) Water Contract between SOGP and SOCF discussed

    posted by tkm 9-16-07

    This was reported on the CCG 7-31-07

    CLICK:  Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

    On 7-31-07 I called and talked with a representative from the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF) about their water contract and reported this on the CCG Roundtable, same day. The representative I talked with explained the contract between the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) and the SOCF expired in November 2006, and in November 2006 the SOCF decided not to renew their contract with the SOGP and enter into a contract with Water One. He explained this contract with Water One, Lucasville, Ohio, would stay in effect until a new contract was bid and awarded. After talking with the representative it was clear the main reason the SOCF did not renew their contract with the SOGP was due to the exuberant costs associated with receiving water from the SOGP; this is a loss of $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 to the City of Portsmouth. In my opinion the main cause for the City losing the water contract with the SOCF is due to the mismanagement of the SOGP, which is due to their greed.

    As a taxpayer in Ohio I am thankful this state funded facility is looking at costs, but at the same time I am concerned about the loss of revenue to the city; due to this loss the City has and will continue to lose revenue. On 7-31-07 the representative was in the process of preparing a draft bid contract for the supply of water to the SOCF facility. When the draft was completed it was to be sent to Columbus, Ohio for legal review and release for bid.

    The representative from SOCF informed me the only restriction on a qualified bidder would be they must have the means to supply water to the SOCF facility. With the above said and by definition of qualified bidder the city of Portsmouth, Ohio has the means and should bid direct on the contract to supply water to the SOCF facilities. For City officials to allow an entity other than the City of Portsmouth, Ohio to bid on this contract is truly absurd. Another thing to remember is that the SOCF is not the only facility receiving water from the city through the SOGP. I feel, as a city, we are setup to fail at the hand of the SOGP. If the City of Portsmouth had a City Solicitor whose interest was truly with the community and not for the special interest groups, such as SOGP, he would ensure the Ordinance allowing SOGP powers at the City’s name was repelled. Also, council members who approved the early extension on the contract between the City of Portsmouth and the SOGP did nothing but hurt this city. As long as we have this contract with the SOGP the city will never move forward.

    Just recently the city went into contract with two separate companies for two different upgrades; the MIEX System and Ameresco. These two contracts were relying heavily on funding being available in the line item setup for water improvements. With the loss for supplying water to the SOCF the City will come up short $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 in the line item for the water department. This loss will impair available monies and costs associated with both projects; this could mean additional water rate hikes again in our near future.

    Council and the Mayor need to stop making irrational, illogical and unfounded decisions for the City of Portsmouth, Ohio. They need to ensure their decisions are based on knowledgeable information and in concurrence with a qualified Solicitor whose interests are not solely self-serving or the City will soon be bankrupt.

    In my opinion the current and past actions of SOGP have done more to hurt the city of Portsmouth, Ohio. This is due to greed and self-indulgence. These actions have been supported by several of the current and past City Council members. These illegal actions have been ignored by our current City Solicitor David Kuhn. If Solicitor Kuhn wanted to do what was in the best interest of our City he would prepare legislation and present it to council that would abolish the illegal and unethical ordinance, contract, with the SOGP!!

    The Ordinance that allows the SOGP to legally practice extortion in the City’s name should be repelled.

    posted by tkm 9-14-07

    CLICK: 7-9-05 SOGP Water Contract (OEC)

    CLICK: 8/25/2003 Ordinance 2003-80

    Mayor Gerlach denied this request!!
    CLICK: 3/12/1996 Water Contract Request

    CLICK: 11/20/1986 Greater Portsmouth Growth Corporation Agreement



    CLICK: 1/27/1966 RESOLUTION 1966-5


    The powers of Council shall be legislative only, and it shall perform no administrative
    duties and shall not appoint or confirm any officer or employee except those of its own body, except when otherwise provided by law. After authority to make contracts has been given and the necessary appropriation made, Council shall take no further action thereon. Such contracts shall be entered into and conducted to performance by the board or officers having charge of the matters to which they relate.

    Council shall not authorize the making of any contract which is not to go into full operation during the term for which the members of such Council with the longest term are elected.

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