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Pictures taken on 4-2-07 of the destruction that took place on the weekend of March 30th thru April 2nd 2007.

A letter from St Mary’s Church was sent to Council 2-28-07, in hopes to encourage Council to take some type of actions that would help deter vandalism at Greenlawn Cemetery.  Instead certain Council members have decided to push a witch hunt instead of taking care of the resting place of our loved ones.

CLICK:  2-28-07 St. Mary’s Letter

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December 9-10, 2006

To view additional pictures taken the day of my walk

CLICK: 12-14-06 Pictures

The weekend of December 9 – 10, 2006, Greenlawn Cemetery was the scene of a horrendous act of gravestone destruction.

Greenlawn Cemetery is full of history, architectural styles, and community heritage.  For many years Greenlawn Cemetery has been and still is a sanctuary for the living and the resting place of the dead and commonly thought of as sacred ground.  When these vandals struck at Greenlawn Cemetery they not only attacked those who were no longer living, but also they were assaulting and insulting you and me.

December 13th, 2006, I decided to take a walk through Greenlawn Cemetery, to the areas that had been desecrated and vandalized.  While strolling through the broken headstones I couldn’t get out of my head the similarity between what had just happened at Greenlawn Cemetery and the desecration and destruction currently and continually taking place in our community at the hands of the SOGP.  A path of destruction, in essence a straight line, and only varying slightly from side to side, a path similar to that of a tornado mangling or destroying anything in its way.

We would like to assume others in our community share the same values, but we are reminded daily that we are living side by side with people who live by a different moral and ethical code.  The bond of trust that links our community is broken and won’t be repaired easily.  All of this is a long way of saying these types of crimes, whether they involve desecration and destruction of tombstones or desecration and destruction of the community, go way beyond the monetary damage they cause. They are serious violations of our rights and should be dealt with severely; after all these are not only objects that are broken and destroyed.  All of this affects real people.  The sooner that message is understood, the better off we all will be.

The senseless vandalism by the criminals who vandalized the cemetery and by the SOGP criminals who vandalize our community daily is deeply offensive to our values. Portsmouth citizens should respect its past, and the present and future of our community.  Individuals need to appreciate our community and the history it holds.  We live in a community that should reassure us that a set of standards and values exist.  Our leaders should not only talk the talk but walk the walk at fostering an attitude that lets everyone know respect is part of the program.

Should we wait till our community is destroyed to speak out?

Please take the time to be a part of a movement to correct an atmosphere of non-caring, as was demonstrated during the first week of December in Greenlawn Cemetery, and which is demonstrated daily in the community by the dealings of the SOGP.  Express your dismay by sending letters to the Portsmouth Daily Times and the Community Common Letter to the Editor Section, or by correspondence with public officials.

When the word gets out that someone does care and is watching – problems will lessen.

Thank you,


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