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The Portsmouth City Council still has not learned their lesson from past mistakes. I am going to provide to you items for your perusal at your leisure.

I am still requesting and receiving information. I will update this page of my website as information becomes available.

Monday, February 26, 2007, 6:00 P.M.

In response to Councilman Mollette asking if the President thought it would be a fair request to “tie down” what the revenues are going to be if no cuts are made, in order for Council to pass this budget, the President reminded everyone again that the revenues are estimates and since he has been on Council there has always been a discrepancy between the estimates presented by the Mayor and the Auditor. He noted the City still has unexpended dollars from last years CIP that are unappropriated and will remain in that account. He further noted that Council still has two weeks to work throught this. The President again noted it to not be unusual to have two guesstimates and again reminded everyone that the budget can be amended throughout the year, at Council’s discretion, if it becomes apparent that the estimated revenues are not being received. He acknowledged the budget will be a challange and advised that the City needs to look at the structure of the way income taxes are collected and suggested several ways in which the distribution of the CIP funds can be amended.

Monday, January 12, 2004, 6:00 P.M.

The Auditor advised the end of the year’s financial reports should be provided to Council by the end of this week following the receipt of all the bank statements and everything being posted. He said, preliminarily, all 51 funds, in which there was activity this year, will end with a zero or above balance, saying there are no deficits for 2003.

Councilwoman Sydnor asked Mr. Williams if this was because the list he had provided to Council of anticipated revenues that he felt would pull the City through without a deficit had occurred. Mr. Williams said he was not sure to what figures she was referring. Mrs. Sydnor requested a copy of a list of revenues that were received over the past two months that kept the City from being in a deficit. Mr. Williams noted the bulk of the funds were the money that was transferred into the General Fund from the CIP. He said he would provide Council with an all-inclusive list. Mrs. Sydnor said she felt people need to understand that had not about one million dollars been transferred from the CIP to the General Fund, the City “would have been in a terrible mess”. 

Monday, November 10, 2003 6:00 P.M.

With regard to the budget and in response to Councilwoman Caudill’s remarks, the Auditor, saying to Mrs. Caudill that he was not trying to pick a fight with her personally, said when the budget was discussed last year everyone sitting at this table knew there was a “huge chance” that there would not be enough money at the end of this year. He acknowledged that “maybe the communication all away around this table” could have been better during the year but did not believe anyone to not be aware of the situation. He said he hoped next year a better job is done “all the way around and not wait until it is on top of us”. He said things like this get “pushed aside and no one wants to face it until they have to.” Mr. Williams said he thinks it to be a good idea to, at the beginning of next week, everyone meet with Council and further suggested a couple of meetings take place. He said they should not only look at some of the minor aspects of the expenses of the budget but should take “a good hard look” at the revenues. He noted this to have been discussed at the last meeting. He said, “Without looking at it, facing it and communicating, it is not going to work.” He said to get through this will take everyone getting involved.

Monday, October 27, 2003 6:00 P.M.

Councilman Baughman, acknowledging Council’s receipt of a memo from the Mayor, made a motion to add to the Agenda legislation authorizing the City Solicitor to file a petition with the Court of Common Pleas seeking authority for the City to transfer unexpended 2003 CIP funds to the General Fund.

There were no questions or comments. The motion carried viva voce. VOTE: ayes 6 – nays 0 The legislation was added to the Agenda as Item “7l”

The Clerk gave a first reading to a resolution to authorize David W. Kuhn, City Solicitor, to file a petition in the Scioto County Common Pleas Court seeking authority for the City to transfer the unexpended 2003 CIP funds into the General Fund.

Councilman Baughman made a motion to adopt the resolution.

In response to the President’s request for questions or comments, Councilwoman Sydnor, noting she had asked this questions last year when this issue was being discussed and further noting the Charter to be specific as to how the revenue is to be divided, asked the Solicitor how a judge could rule on an issue that is addressed in the Charter. Mr. Kuhn said this action is authorized by statute in the Ohio Revised Code. Mrs. Sydnor questioned this since the distribution of the funds is addressed in the Charter. Mr. Kuhn said the Charter does not prohibit what is being proposed, therefore the Ohio Revised Code is in effect. Mrs. Sydnor, saying, she has not had an opportunity to read the ordinance since she did not receive it until this evening, asked if this action is a one-time thing or is it something that can be done at anytime. The Solicitor stated that if Council passes this resolution it only applies to this fund for this year and it would not be a blanket authority for future transfers.

President Kalb said he had the same questions, but believes the City is abiding by the Charter with regard to the distribution of the funds and this resolution authorizes a legal means by which the money can be transferred.

There being no further questions or comments, the roll was called.
VOTE: ayes 6 –nays 0 The resolution was adopted. RES. #15-03

CLICK:  Resolution 2003-15
CLICK:  11-12-03 Case 03CIH271.pdf

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