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In response to the letter I wrote to Mayor Kalb on May 8, 2007, I received a reply back from the Solicitor, David Kuhn. What I find odd about this reply is that in the past Mr. Kuhn has replied to past correspondence by stating I need to contact the appropriate departments before I can receive requested information. Then Solicitor Kuhn continues in his reply to state I have requested the same documents in all my correspondences. This is true. I have contacted all appropriate departments, as documented, and still have not received the documents I have requested.

At the end of Solicitor Kuhn’s letter it appears to me he is making excuses for documents not being maintained and provided as mandated by law. All I can say to this form of excuse to ignorance of the law is you are still libel for your actions or inappropriate actions as they pertain to the law!

CLICK:  6-22-07 Kuhn Response to 5-8-07 Mayor Letter

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If the City of Portsmouth has not written their own guidelines for the Retention and Destruction of the Public’s Documents then the State of Ohio’s Ohio Revised Code (ORC) must prevail.

Since it looks to be the case that the City of Portsmouth, Ohio has not drafted and approved their own guidelines then the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of this committee, which means he is the Chair and the Solicitor and Auditor are at least two of the individuals on the committee. Also, one citizen is supposed to be appointed to this committee. The City of Portsmouth, Ohio is in noncompliance with State guidelines for the Retention and Destruction of the Public’s documents.

Below is a link to a pdf copy of a letter to the Mayor, whom I might add has been cc’d or copies provided on all correspondence, which is my next attempt for obtaining my Public Records requests and to continue a documented paper trail of the violations of the City of Portsmouth in regards to our documents.

CLICK: 5-8-07 Letter to Mayor Kalb

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This is the response I received to my letter of 4-10-07 from the City Solicitor, David Kuhn. Does this sound like a response that should be coming from a city official. A city official that should be giving legal advice and assistance to other public officials to ensure and maintain the security of Portsmouth, Ohio?

CLICK:  4-11-07 Response from City Solicitor David Kuhn

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Reply to David Kuhn concerning noncompliance with Public Records requests and the City’s Records Commission laws.

CLICK:  4-10-07 2nd request for SOMACC Public Records Request and noncompliance with the City’s Records Commission laws.   

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Provided below is a link to the letter I received from David Kuhn, City Solicitor, in response to my letter of 3-5-07, #07-001 (linked below).  This response was received at my home by regular mail on Saturday 3-10-07, but the letter is dated 3-12-07.

CLICK: 3-12-07 Response to 07-001

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I made a public records request on March 1, 2007, from Ms. Aeh’s office. I went to her office again on March 2, 2007 to inquire about the status of the information I requested. From my letter linked below you will see I was not greeted by Ms. Aeh in a behavior expected from a public servant.

This letter was delivered and mailed on March 5, 2007.

CLICK: 3-5-07 Public Records Request

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Documents pertaining to the Southern Ohio Museum Corporation

CLICK:  2-10-97 “Regular” City Council Meeting
Information provided at this Council Meeting notes that during the Mayor’s report communication was received by SOMACC.

CLICK:  6-5-84 Letter

CLICK:  7-13-77 Lease  

CLICK:  7-12-77 Ordinance 1977-101

CLICK:  7-12-77 Ordinance 1977-100

CLICK:  7-12-77 Deed

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