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Below is a copy of a blank form in pdf, which can be used to produce a referendum or an initiative:

CLICK: Blank Form

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by George Jean Nathan

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Be an eligible Voter today!!!!!!!!!

CLICK: Request Registration Form

Early in our education, we learn of the meaning of democracy—government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” This empowering gift was granted to all Americans by the toil and promises of our forefathers some — years ago.

Given the empowering state of mind of our nation-building leaders, it is unlikely they envisioned a time when democracy would be threatened. But today, we may be witnessing that very thing, as eligible voters go to the polls in far fewer percentages than before and merely one in three American young people take the initiative to cast their votes on Election Day.

“Change Our World – Vote Your Conscience” challenges Ohio voters, and indeed all citizens, to fulfill their civic duty, to protect the enduring promise of democracy, by voting. Indeed, it matters not what political party or issues are dear to your hearts and minds. Rather, voting gives all eligible Ohioans the opportunity make their voice heard and to set the expectation of good leadership throughout Ohio.

The Secretary of State’s staff is here to assist you in becoming an eligible voter, as well as help educate you on how, when and where to vote.

Whatever your opinions or beliefs, they are important to the betterment of our communities and society. Government leaders at all levels have the responsibility to listen to you and there is no better way to get their attention than to vote. Your civic participation can indeed change the course of history. You are empowered: Change Our World – Vote Your Conscience!

What is “Change Our World?”

“Change Our World” is a reminder to Ohioans that you are empowered to make a difference in our world. By extending your civic involvement in positive, community-building, organization-developing or family-nurturing efforts, you have the opportunity and civic duty to positively impact yourself and your family, as well as your community, state, country and the world. A strong democracy requires active citizenship. “Change Our World” challenges you to accept the power and responsibility our United States and Ohio Constitutions provide, and it affirms the commitment of Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and his staff to serve you.

J. Kenneth Blackwell
Ohio Secretary of State

To All Friends of Labor:

Posted on the Sentinel 11-3-2005

Seems our Mayor Kalb has no problem taking big contributions from labor unions, while helping scab labor thrive in Portsmouth. It’s no secret Kalb said in one of his brilliant moments at a political meeting, I will bring WalMart into Portsmouth and undercut Kroger! Now, doesn’t he work at Kroger under a union? Of course he does, and is glad to except money from that same Union to help finance his campaign. Everyone in America knows WalMart is NON UNION and if the worker tries to organize THEY CLOSE UP AND MOVE OUT. Is Kalb trying to cut his own fellow Union Brothers’ Throats?

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters, let’s look at the big SCABS in Portsmouth. Kalb and Hatcher are working hand in hand to take property for the college dorms. Is Union labor being used on any of these projects? NO! How about the repairs to city owned buildings? Like new roofs, and how about the boat docks, the new widening of Scioto Trail? The exit ramp, All NON-UNION!

More facts to think about… Kalb said at the last Council Meeting that he is in favor of, and is promoting hiring back part- time retired employees! You know what that means? PART-TIME? That’s right… No benefits, No Union, and best of all NO NEW WORKERS or JOBS. This tactic sounds like the beginnings of UNION BUSTING! Let’s look at who would be part time that is now a union member. The firefighters, the police officers, labors, that help keep this city going. Think about it. How many are going to retire and come back and knock down your hours? Yes, you will make a good wage, but how many hours a week are you guaranteed? NONE. This plan has been well-laid and you will become one more Part- time worker. This will dwindle down after a few years and there will be NO UNION and there will be NO FULL-TIME WORKERS left.

Yes, Kalb makes big promises all the while plotting against Union Members and ways to cut your benefits and hours and eventually your full time job. It’s called, HE’S IN MANAGEMENT NOW. All he is out for is to make himself look good in the eyes of all the anti-union corrupt scum in Portsmouth.

Union Members, think about this and maybe you can help remove this large SCAB from the city building before it’s too late. Kalb is a SCAB in union clothing and is not to be trusted. Check where he got all his political advertising and handouts made. ALL NON-UNION.
You better think before you leap next Tuesday, it may mean your future and your job.

Pass by Kalbs name on the ballot if you value being a UNION MEMBER!


RECALL Marty Mohr 6th Ward Councilperson
ELECT Richard Noel
Re-ELECT Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward Councilman
  For Mayor VOTE Trent Williams

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