2007 May Election

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Police endorse Jones for solicitor
PDT Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:07 PM EDTThe city police union is supporting Michael Jones in his race against incumbent solicitor David Kuhn.“It is my pleasure to inform you that the Fraternal Order of Police, Scioto Lodge 33, has voted overwhelmingly to endorse you for the position of solicitor in the November 2007 election,” FOP President Jason Hedrick wrote to Jones. “Feel free to use this endorsement in your bid for solicitor for the city of Portsmouth, Ohio.”Jones said he also has asked for endorsements from the Fire Department and the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department. He said the others were probably waiting for the police union to announce its candidate before giving endorsements.“I’m very grateful that the men and women of the police department have put their trust and confidence in me,” Jones said.He has three goals should he defeat Kuhn. They are:€ To maintain an active presence in Municipal Court;
€ To establish a victim advocacy program; and€ To minimize the city’s outside legal fees.Kuhn said an announcement regarding his endorsements is forthcoming.JEFF BARRON can be reached at (740) 353-3101, ext. 236.

Primary candidates disqualified
PDT Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 28, 2007 11:47 PM EST

The Scioto County Board of Elections met Tuesday to verify petitions for candidates set to run in the May 8 primary election.

After Tuesday, only incumbent Trent Williams and Russell Doyle will be in the race for city auditor, eliminating a necessity for a primary contest. Crystal Gifford, also a candidate for the auditor’s race, was disqualified, according to the board of elections because there were members on her five-person committee who were not registered to vote.

Other casualties of the verification process were candidates for office in New Boston.

Terry Salyers, a candidate for mayor, was disqualified because of insufficient signatures, leaving incumbent Mayor Jim Warren unchallenged. Ruth Pellegrinon, who was running for village treasurer, also was disqualified for insufficient signatures, leaving Kathy Bender as the only person seeking that post.

Two people running for village council, Brian Holbrook and Kris Lawson, also were victims of insufficient signatures on their petitions. That leaves Stanley Parlin, Michael E. Payton, Robert Whisman, William D. Williams and Jon Mills as candidates for council.Candidates had to meet a requirement of 50 voter signatures to get their names on the ballot, and petitions had to be turned in by Feb. 22.

Board member Rodney Barnett said candidates who were disqualified may still become write-in candidates.

The deadline for filing as a write-in candidate for the May 8 primary is March 7 at 4:30, and voters who want to vote in the May primary must register by April 9.

FRANK LEWIS can be reached at (740) 353-3101, ext. 232.

posted by tkm 3-3-07
Today February 22, 2007 – Was the last day to file your Petitions with the Board of Elections for the “2007” fiscal year. Those who have met this deadline are documented below with a “red” Petitions Filed next to their name.  The Board of Elections will now review and certify the submitted petitions.

While at the Court House I also collected the names of those for the Village of New Boston – See Below.  All elections in Scioto Councty affect us all.

If anyone would like information added to this site send an email to the address in the title bar.





The following individuals have requested petitions from the Board of Elections:

CURRENT COUNCIL: David Malone, Gerald Albrecth, & Marty Mohr


David Malone – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Austin Leedom – PETITIONS FILED –  Certified


John Burns

Gerald Albrecht – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Wayne Nichols – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
CLICK: Who is Wayne Nichols

Michael Blankenship-Hamilton – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Danny Baker


Richard Noel – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
CLICK: Who is Rich Noel

Tim Loper –Write-In Candidate
3-12-07  The Election Board was contacted today and verification was provided acknowleding the fact Loper will be permitted, on the May Primary, as a write-in candidate.  An earlier call to the Election Board, shortly after February 22nd, obtained information that write-in status for the May Primary Election was not possible, but if any individuals was interested in running for a position could provided required information to the Election Board, prior to the November deadline, for write-in status for the November General Election.

3-31-07 According to the BOE Loper will not be permitted to be a write-in candidate and in accordance with the Portsmouth City Charter.

Steve Mault – PETITIONS FILED – Certified


Trent Williams – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Russ Doyle – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
CLICK: Russ Doyle pamphlet

Crystal Gifford, MA – PETITIONS FILED – Disqualified
CLICK: Crystal Gifford Resume’


David Kuhn – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
CLICK: http://kuhnforsolicitor.com (website)

Mike Jones – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
Born Steubenville, Ohio, May 21, 1969; admitted to bar, 1994, Ohio. Education: Capital University (B.A., 1991; J.D., magna cum laude, 1994). Member: Allen County and Ohio State Bar Associations. (Resident, Portsmouth Office). Practice Areas: Insurance Defense; Family Law; Criminal Law.

“A new vision for the City of Portsmouth”
CLICK: Candidate for Portsmouth City Solicitor
CLICK: http://jonesforsolicitor.com (website)



(D) Terry SalyersPETITIONS FILED – Disqualified

(R) Jim Warren – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Clerk of Courts


(D) Ruth Pelligrinon – PETITIONS FILED – Disqualified

(D) Kathy Bender – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

Council (4 positions)

(D) Mike Payton – PETITIONS FILED – Certified
I am providing the link below to a website associated with the New Boston Council Candidate Mike Payton. This website provides some bio information.
CLICK: http://theteachersroom.org/

(D) Robert Whisman – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

(D) Brian Holbrook – PETITIONS FILED – Disqualified

(D) Stanley Parlin – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

(D) William D. William, Jr. – PETITIONS FILED – Certified

(D) Khris Lawson – PETITIONS FILED – Disqualified

(R) John Mills – PETITIONS FILED – Certified




Michael L. Jones, Esq., a Portsmouth attorney, will be a guest at the Concerned Citizens of Portsmouth meeting at Giovanni’s on 11th St., this Saturday evening, Jan. 20. Mr. Jones will speak about his candidacy for the position of City Solicitor.

The meeting will begin at 7, but for those eating dinner the meeting room is available from 6-7.

CCG Meeting
Saturday, January 20th, 2007
Giovanni’s on 11th St.
Meeting @ 07:00pm
Held in the Private Dining Room

At the CCG meeting on Saturday, January 20th, Mike L. Jones talked and answered questions from the group about his campaign goals.  A pamphlet was handed out at this meeting:

“A new vision for the City of Portsmouth”

Click link below to view pamphlet:

CLICK:  Candidate for Portsmouth City Solicitor


City government’s faces may change this year

PDT Staff Writer
Saturday, January 20, 2007 11:09 PM EST

The face of city government could drastically change this year, as the auditor, solicitor and three City Council positions are up for election.

Voters will decide who fills the 2nd, 4th and 6th Ward seats and who will serve as auditor and solicitor.

David Malone, Jerrold Albrecht and Marty Mohr, respectively, are the incumbents on City Council.

Mohr also is vice president of City Council but said he will not seek re-election.

Albrecht said he hasn’t yet made up his mind to run. He was appointed to his position by City Council to replace Jim Kalb when Kalb became mayor.

Malone and challenger Austin Leedom have taken petitions in the 2nd Ward.

As of Friday, they are the only City Council candidates to do so.

The primary election will be May 8 for races where more than two candidates are running.

For races with two or fewer, no primary will take place and the candidates will face each other in the November general election.

Candidates can begin circulating election petitions Tuesday. They must collect 50 voter signatures and return them to the Scioto County Board of Elections by Feb. 22.

Incumbent auditor Trent Williams is running for re-election and also has taken out petitions, according to the elections board.

Incumbent solicitor David Kuhn will face a challenge from attorney Michael Jones. They are the only two who have taken out petitions so far.

City solicitor seeking fourth term has challenger
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 11:29 PM EST

Attorney Michael Jones picked up petition

PDT Staff Writer

City Solicitor David Kuhn said on Wednesday he will seek a fourth term in office this year.
Earlier this week, he picked up nominating petitions for the four-year term.

The petitions must be filed with the Scioto County Board of Elections by Feb. 22.

Attorney Michael Jones, 37, said he will challenge Kuhn. Jones said he picked up his petitions on Wednesday.

The primary election is on May 8.“I want to continue to contribute what I can to the residents,” Kuhn, 63, said on Wednesday. “That’s a hard thing to do sometimes when you’re only one person because there are so many facets to city government.”The city solicitor is a non-partisan position and can be filled only be a city resident who has practiced law in Ohio for at least five years.
If one or two candidates file for the post, there will be no primary election. But if three or more file, the primary will be held and the top two will meet in the November general election.

The solicitor is the city’s chief legal adviser and also works as the city prosecutor.Kuhn said one of his recent accomplishments is in helping the city recoup delinquent water accounts.But his tenure has also generated controversy.
Last year, Portsmouth City Council 1st Ward member Tim Loper resigned after the Scioto County Board of Elections ruled that he did not live in the 1st Ward.

Loper said he was acting on Kuhn’s advice in claiming the residence.

But on Wednesday, Kuhn said he did not provide such advice to Loper.

“I testified before the Board of Elections that it was my opinion that his address was valid and that it was no issue,” he said. “But it’s a moot point now because he resigned.”

At the time, Councilman David Malone said Kuhn’s opinion may hurt his credibility.

Jones said he is running because Kuhn does not spend enough time in Municipal Court and because Kuhn spends too much money on outside legal expenses for the city.

“I’m from Portsmouth, and we need a more positive vision for the city,” Jones said. “There is too much negativety in the city.”

Kuhn said he will run on his record and experience.

“There is a group out there who would probably rather see someone else win,” he said. “But I’m going to run a positive campaign.”

Kuhn has been a frequent target of somelocal underground Web sites.

Jones is a managing partner of the Portsmouth office of Baran, Piper, Tarkowsky, Fitzgerald & Theis, a Mansfield firm.

Jones is a 1994 graduate of the Capital University Law School and served as a U.S. Naval Judge Advocate General from 1994 through 1998.

He is still in the process of forming his campaign team.

Kuhn, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, has been a practicing attorney in the city since 1969.

His re-election committee consists of Howard H. Harcha Jr., Pamela W. Clark, Ralph L. Clay, Beth A. Haney, Robert L. Morton and Jess H. Chabot.

JEFF BARRON can be reached at (740) 353-3101, ext. 236.

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