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Wednesday, 1-3-07, @ 07:00pm a public meeting was held in the Clark Memorial Library Fluor Room.  This meeting was to discuss and hear suggestions concerning the growth of the University.  There were approximately 30 people in attendance.

At this time Shawnee State University has no intention of expanding their property to incorporate Spartan Stadium and the surrounding fields.

Here are several pictures I took at the meeting along with an audio clip, which discribes the area the campus will encompass.


CLICK:  1-3-07 The Plan 

CLICK:  1-3-07 SSU Bondaries

CLICK:  1-3-07 Campus Expansion Plan

CLICK:  1-3-07 Conference Center Plan

CLICK:  1-3-07 Expand Recreation

CLICK:  1-3-07 Land Squeeze

CLICK:  1-3-07 Strengthen Edges

CLICK:  1-3-07 Traffic Circulation

CLICK:  1-3-07 Parking

CLICK HERE:  To listen to an audio clip of the 1-3-07 SSU 20 Year Plan Meeting


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Provided below are links to pdf files associated with Capus View Apts. and the contract with SSU. 

CLICK:  5-6-04 Campus View I

CLICK:  5-6-04 Campus View II

CLICK:  5-6-04 Campus View III

CLICK:  1-3-05 Campvus View Map

CLICK:  1-12-02 LLC Campus View

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