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3-24-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting videos are linked below where 4 of the 6 councilmember voted to suspend the rules and pass an ordinance for the city to move forward with the planning process to renovate the Marting Building and build a facility for the Courts and the Police Department on the old Adelphia Building property, Washington Street.

This action violates the wishes of the people of Portsmouth, Ohio, who on May 2, 2006 said NO by a clear margin of ~ 3 to 1 to not renovate the Marting Building. This action also clearly validates that Howard Baughman, President and 5th Ward Council, David Malone, Vice President and 2nd Ward Council, Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council, and Jerrold Albrecht, 4th Ward Council DO NOT respect the rights of voters.

These men are taking away your constitutional right of Democracy through ignoring your VOTE!

Watch the videos below:

CLICK: 3-24-08 Marting Ordinance Discussion (1)
CLICK: 3-24-08 Marting Ordinance Discussion (2)
CLICK: 3-24-08 Marting Ordinance Discussion (3)
CLICK: 3-24-08 Marting Ordinance Discussion (4)

During the above discussion by Council David Malone declared 11 citizens voiced concerns against the renovations of the Marting Building and 11 favored renovations.

These are the videos I filmed the night of the 24th of March 2008. My count is 13 against renovations of the Marting Building and 8 were a mixture of for the renovations and for just doing something.

The first 13 videos are of citizens who pay taxes in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio speaking out against renovating and old dinosaur of a building and increasing their property taxes recklessly. The Marting Building is twice the size of the current Municipal Building, which is kept in a deplorable condition because of the Mayor’s dereliction of duty to properly maintain city property:

CLICK: 3-24-08 Dee Penix – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Harald Daub – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Robert Forrey – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Eileen Perry – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Karen Collette – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Linda Switzer – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Austin Leedom – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Chris Neff – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Wayne Nichols – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 JR Penix – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Ray Mitchel – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Sharon Bender – No

CLICK: 3-24-08 Jim Wilson – No

The next 8 videos are of people not necessarily living and paying property taxes in the city of Portsmouth demanding council move forward with renovations of the Marting Building.

CLICK: 3-24-08 Steve Hayes – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Tim Arms – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Troy Delabar – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Austin Keyser – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 DeLynn Coppoleti – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Jerry O’Bannion – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Mike Malone – Yes

CLICK: 3-24-08 Robbie Ann Burke – Yes

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3-10-08 during the “Regular” City Council Meeting city officials voiced their opinion on moving forward with a city building. You will find in these clips the officials who are pushing to move the city forward without a plan and on a hope and a prayer, and you will find the two individuals who want the city to only move forward with a plan.

These two city officials are Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward Council and Rich Noel, 6th Ward Council.

CLICK: 3-10-08 Mayor Report – Kalb

CLICK: 3-10-08 President Report – Baughman

CLICK: 3-10-08 1st Ward Report – Mearan

CLICK: 3-10-08 3rd Ward Report – Mollette

CLICK: 3-10-08 4th Ward Report – Albrecht

CLICK: 3-10-08 5th Ward Report – Baughman

CLICK: 3-10-08 6th Ward Report – Noel

CLICK: 3-10-08 Solicitor Report – Jones

The following clips are citizens from the community who spoke on their desires for city officials to move forward on a hope and a prayer.

CLICK: 3-10-08 Fred Brisker

CLICK: 3-10-08 DeLynn Coppoletti

During Item 8 of the Legislative Agenda threats were made by a citizen of the community to other citizens of Portsmouth and to council. These threats were directed to individuals who are trying to ensure a practical plan for the city, and to ensure public officials do not move forward only on a wish, a hope and a prayer.

CLICK: 3-10-08 Austin Keyser

CLICK: 3-10-08 Terry Ockerman

Chief Horner not only practices intimidation tactics towards citizens who do not have the same ideas as him, but provides inaccurate information to the public about his home address. This happened just before requesting the Solicitor to investigate some false allegations made by citizens speaking on items not on the agenda; sounds more like Chief Horner needs investigated.

CLICK: 3-10-08 Chief Horner

Citizens who want what is best for the community and to ensure citizens on fixed incomes are able to keep their homes, receive medical care, and put food on their tables.

CLICK: 3-10-08 Linda Switzer

CLICK: 3-10-08 Dee Penix

CLICK: 3-10-08 Eileen Perry

CLICK: 3-10-08 Teresa Mollette

CLICK: 3-10-08 Harold Daub

CLICK: 3-10-08 Sharon Bender

CLICK: 3-10-08 Austin Leedom

Below are the clips taken during the Conference Session where citizens are not allowed to participate – Democracy at its worst!

CLICK: 3-10-08 Discussion (1)

CLICK: 3-10-08 Discussion (2)

CLICK: 3-10-08 Discussion (3)

CLICK: 3-10-08 Discussion (4)

CLICK: 3-10-08 Discussion (5)

We need the support of the community to ensure city officials will only move forward with a city building when a plan is given. This plan will need to ensure the city will not be bankrupt after their decision. A comprehensive plan that describes where the monies are being allocated and how much it will cost the citizens; this should include an upper limit spending. A plan that will not put citizens of Portsmouth in a position to be forced to give up their homes they have worked hard to secure. A plan that will not affect citizen’s of Portsmouth’s capability to afford putting food on their table and to not be able to receive proper medical treatments and medications.

In a conversation I had with Mayor Kalb on March 5, 2008, his intentions are to give away the property that currently houses the city offices on 2nd Street.

Give Portsmouth a chance

DEMAND A PLAN that works for the people

Demand Democracy not DESPOTISM!

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During the Monday, February 25, 2008 City Council Conference Session the available options for a city complex were discussed. Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council kicked off the discussions. By Mearan’s statement all indications are he still wants to move forward with utilizing the Marting Building for various city offices; this is even after a majority of the voters in Portsmouth said – NO! Watch video below:

Click: 2-25-08 Mike Mearan’s statement concerning city offices

Mike Jones, Solicitor and Howard Baughman, President and 5th Ward Council both agree there are issues with utilizing the Marting Building for city offices. See video below:

Click: 2-25-08 Mike Jones & Howard Baughman’s statement concerning city offices

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During several previous council meetings 1st Ward Council member Mike Mearan mentioned time is running out for the taxpayers of Portsmouth to get their $1.5 million back from the Marting Foundation; for complete information on the Marting scandal click: Marting.

Mike Mearan served on the first CBC committee and is listed as serving on the second CBC committee. If anyone should know what the time restraints are for recouping the $1.5 million, it should be Mike Mearan, see 2-11-08 Council meeting 1st Ward Council Report – Mike Mearan.

I wrote a letter and delivered it to the Solicitor, Council and Mayor providing documents to substantiate the actual date of June 2, 2008, see link 08-001 Time Limitations below:

CLICK: 08-001 Time Limitations

CLICK:  2-11-08 Council meeting 1st Ward Council Report – Mike Mearan

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Members appointed by the President of Council, Howard Baughman, to the current City Building Committee are:

  • Howard Baughman, 5th Ward Council person and President of Council.
  • Mayor Jim Kalb
  • Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council person. Mike was a member of the 1st appointed City Building Committee.
  • Auditor Trent Williams

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12-10-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting

It’s time to make some decision, right or “WRONG”. This remark was made by Mike Mearan during his 1st Ward Report at the 12-10-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting in relation to moving forward with a new City Building.  It would appear to me this is the same mentality used when the decision was made to purchase the Marting Building in 2002.

Not only was this type of decision making used when purchasing the Marting Building but used numerous other times. For instance – SOGP Water Contract, moving forward with the MIEX System without the necessary land being available, AEP Building, Adelphia Building, Appealing Judge Marshall’s Ruling on the Marting Building etc.

The RIGHT decision requires a plan. With the above type of mentality we, the taxpayers of Portsmouth, will always pickup the costly tab for the mistakes made by our city officials.

See video below:

CLICK: 12-10-07 Mike Mearan’s 1st Ward Report (remark made towards the end of video)

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11-13-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting Mike Mearan, during his 1st Ward report, made reference to not knowing how the cost of a new city building had climbed to 13 to 14 billion dollars. He also states that he is sure the figures will be a lot less than that – I surely hope so! I’m not sure if this was a slip of the tongue on Mr. Mearan’s part or a deliberate attempt to mislead the public on the costs associated to a City Complex (the amounts reported have always been in the millions not billions).

Actural reported costs on different occasions and by several individuals on council, even by Mr. Mearan, state costs associated could be as high as $13.5 million to build a new complex where the current old Adelphia Building was located.

To back up what I have reported above watch a wav file from the Council Meeting on 11-13-07, a pdf file from a meeting of council, and a Portsmouth Daily Times article:

CLICK:  11-13-07 1st Ward Report – Mike Mearan

CLICK:  6-12-07 PDT Article “Tax Hike will Pay For City Building”

CLICK:  6-11-07 Minutes Regular Session City Council

page 3, 1st paragraph – “Mr. Mearan stated that since the 1950’s the City has had a fund available for the payment of current debts. Noting that the City is current, with regard to debts, he said the new construction would be financed over a twenty year period…”

page 3, 3rd paragraph – Mr. Williams provides the amount of 3 mils which generates $675,000,000 per year (simple math = $13.5 million in 20 years)

Below you will find a PDT article written by Jeff Barron on 5-29-07 where Baughman stated the cost could be as high as $10.4 million and additional property would have to be acquired.  We know from initial negotiations by the Mayor the city will need at least ~$1 million (new total ~$11.4 million) to acquire necessary property to build the city complex on the Adelphia site.

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7-30-07 “Special” City Council Meeting Mearan fights to obtain outside legal council before proceeding with the proposed new city building project.

CLICK:  7-30-07 Mearan working to give business to outside legal council.

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Below is a pdf file copied from a document that was received from the Scioto County Auditors office.  The pdf provides the names of Tax Exempt properties in Portsmouth, Ohio.

CLICK: 2007 Tax Exempt Properties

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City Council is in the process of establishing where the City of Portsmouth, Ohio will do business from.  At the last “Regular” City Council meeting, 6-11-07, a referendum passed to accept the decision of the City Building Committee. This referendum supports moving all City offices to the location of the abandoned Adelphia Building on Washington Street.

I visited the Scioto County Court House on Friday, June 22, 2007, and collected information on what the total cost was to build the new jail; as a side note prevailing wage was used.  These figures may not be a realist comparison for build of new City offices because of the security and the types of material required for a jail, but it should provide us with a quick comparison on new build figures; my guess is the jail would cost more than what is required to build a new city building. Below are the totals I received from the County Court House, Auditors office:

            4,327,827.37 (local funds)
          10,153,566.15 (state funds)
   T= 14,481,393.52

As Portsmouth City Council prepares to move forward with plans to get City employees out of their 2nd Street property I thought I would do some research on what funds, through our property taxes, are available; or maybe better put – What funds are not available.

The following link is a pdf describing the individuals and their businesses, properties within the City of Portsmouth, currently receiving 100% tax abatement on their properties.  These abatements allow for monies associated to property taxes not to be collected, which means fewer individuals will be assessed taxes for payment on the City Buildings associated costs.  Most individuals don’t realize this same condition exists for payment on the new City Schools tax levy.  A tax increase by the voters placed a tax levy on the property owners of Portsmouth, Ohio to pay for the schools, but anyone in the city that currently has abatements will not be required to pay their fair share.

I believe the practice currently in place with the City of Portsmouth, Ohio is wrong.  I believe anyone requesting tax abatements should prove what advantages they are providing to the city and all abatements should be evaluated on their own merit.  Very few individuals and companies should ever get 100% tax abatement for 15 years.  Also, ALL abatements awarded should never eliminate paying the schools their far share of taxes.

CLICK: June 2007 – Updated Abatements in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio

Below is a pdf providing further information on monies the City will not be collecting property taxes and owned by PMHA; all rental properties owned by PMHA are non-taxable property.  At this time I do not have a list and location of all properties owned by PMHA, but I do know the location of two properties; Farley Square Apts. and Wayne Hill Apts.  Even though PMHA is not required to pay property tax on any properties owned they do donate monies to the City of Portsmouth. This year their donation was $34,689.33 (one time payment per year) for all properties and not just the two I mentioned above.

See pdf linked below:

CLICK: 2007 PMHA donation

More information is being collected and as I recieve this informatioin I will post this information to this page.

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City Building Committee Meeting:

CLICK: 5-29-07 City Council Conference Session discussion concerning the City Building

Below is the article that appeared in the PDT and written by Jeff Barron after the decision was made to move the City Building to the site of the old Adelphia Communications Building, Washington Street.

City building decision reached
PDT Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 11:10 PM EDT

Portsmouth City Council on Monday decided to build a new municipal building at the former Adelphia Communications site on Washington Street.

We’ve been discussing this for months and years, councilman David Malone said.  I propose that we take the building committee’s recommendation for the Adelphia building.

The proposal will be given a first reading at the June 11 City Council meeting. The council could give it one, two or three readings before passage.

City Council also could decide against the former Adelphia building at any time during those readings.

President Howard Baughman formed a committee last year to help choose a location for a new city building.  The committee recommended the former Adelphia building after voters rejected renovating the former Marting’s Department Store building.

A California doctor donated the Adelphia property to the city.

Baughman said it will cost about $10.4 million to build at the site.  The city also must acquire nearby property.

I am pleased that we’re moving on, Baughman said.  We sat here in this heat tonight because we can’t turn the air conditioners on because of our PA system.

The 3-hour meeting was conducted in sweltering heat because the air conditioner makes a recording of the meeting inaudible.

You’re looking at the ceiling falling down and it rains in the judge’s quarters and these courtrooms, Baughman said.  It’s an unhealthy place for our city employees to work.  It is time to move on and create an atmosphere for our employees and the people that do business with the city to have a place where they can go that is structurally sound and efficient to run.

However, Baughman said he would prefer renovating the former Marting’s building, a position he has long held.

It’s just time to move on though, he said.  We’ve got too many excellent, positive forward-thinking things going on in the city.

The city still must try to sell the former Marting’s building in order to receive $1.4 million from the Richard D. Marting Foundation.

That is part of the $1.9 million the city paid for the building in 2002.

The city will get 40 percent of the money to build on Washington Street, Baughman said.

Vice President Marty Mohr and councilman Bob Mollette voted against the former Adelphia building.  Mollette said he wants to look at the costs of renovating the current municipal building on Second Street or building a new building at the site first.

Mohr said building at the former Adelphia site will cost several million dollars more than the estimated $5 million to $7 million to renovate the former Marting’s building.

Until our community pays attention to what people say about healing and not liking people for what they think or believe in, I guess it’s going to cost us millions, Mohr said.

In other business, City Council passed ordinances:

  • Mandating contractors doing business in the city to be licensed.
  • Authorizing the payment of $588,800 to PAE/Quest Engineering as the first installment of a $3.3 million water treatment plant.
  • Removing dates from an ordinance regarding weed and rubbish abatement and removal.
  • Banning residents from keeping farm animals in the city.

City Council also passed resolutions:

  • To send to the planning commission a request from Portsmouth City Schools to vacate certain streets and alleys.
  • Adopting a hazardous mitigation plan devised by the Scioto County Emergency Management Agency.

JEFF BARRON can be reached at (740) 353-3101, ext. 236.


A pdf copy, is linked below, of the Final Report for a Municipal Building proposal by the “City Building Committee,” City of Portsmouth, Ohio, December 11, 2006.

CLICK: 12-11-06 CBC Final Report in pdf

Linked below are video clips from the City Building Committee Meeting of 12-11-06.

CLICK: 12-11-06 Summary Report by Kevin Johnson

CLICK: 12-11-06 Final Vote by CBC Committee

CLICK: 12-11-06 Rich Noel expressing his desires for utilizing the current Municipal Building

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The CBC voted Monday night, 11-27-06, to assist the committee with establishing a base line for what the majority of the group is supporting for the location of the City Building. See video linked below:

CLICK:  11-27-06 The vote

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The City Building Committee Meeting met in a special meeting on Monday, November 20th 2006, to discuss location options for the Municipal Complex.

Even with the mold issue Council and members of the CBC committee are full steam ahead for renovation of the Marting Building and the Adelphia:

CLICK:  11-20-06, Building Mold Issues (1)

CLICK:  11-20-06, Building Mold Issues (2)

It was stated in the 11-6-06 Inspection Report, by Lock1, the current Municipal Building was not Economically Feasible to renovate not condemned, as quoted by Kalb in several local publications.  What does Economically Feasible mean:

CLICK:  11-20-06 Discussion

How do we, the taxpayers, pay for a renovated or new City Building/Complex?

* Documents provided by Trent Williams at the 11-20-06 CBC Meeting:

CLICK:  Acquisition Costs

Two items I notedduring the meeting:

The two committee members of the CBC that are pushing the Marting Building is Jim Kalb and Terry Ockerman.  These two members see nothing else on the table but this option.

The second item interesting item in the meeting of the 20th was the persistence that the initial cost published and communicated to the taxpayers, from the beginning, was the Adelphia Building renovation was greater than $1 mil not $500 thousand dollars.

Comments made at the 20th meeting to convince the public the Adelphia Building costs were never estimated and promoted to the taxpayers at a cost of $500 thousand dollars.

CLICK:  11-20-06-500thousand(1)

CLICK:  11-20-06-500thousand(2)

CLICK:  11-20-06-500thousand(3)

Below are links that will document not once, but several times during public meetings renovation cost were estimated at ~$500 thousand and associated with the Adelphia Building; Tanner Stone Engineering is the firm that presented these figures to council through documents and drawings.

Audio Clips (sorry about audio quality it is prior to my digital recorder)and documents collected for the 12-13-04 “Regular City Council Meeting” detailing total costs associated with the Adelphia Building to be $500 thousand.

2-28-05 “Regular City Council Meeting”:

Mayors Report: (quote by Kalb)

“7. With regard to the Marting’s Building issue he said he thought everyone has been fighting about it long enough. He said the people have a point when they question who is the Foundation to say they should distribute our money, however, he noted the Foundation did return $200,000.00 of the purchase price to the City. He said Mr. Bender reminded him of this when he met with him and Mr. Bender wanted to know what the City did with that money. The Mayor said he did not know, he only knew it had been spent. Noting the Foundation is willing to return 1.4 million dollars to the City and they want to make sure that money is invested as it was meant to be when the City made the bad purchase up front and further noting the money was to be spent in refurbishing the downtown. The Mayor said he felt the Foundation’s intent is that they would still like to see that money used for that purpose. He said any agreements entered into would be legal and binding, the money will be put into escrow and drawn down just like a grant. He further stated this would all be done with a plan and with estimates of what would be done. The Mayor said no one wants to put the offices in the Marting’s Building and he felt it to take the money, raze the building and sell the annex and some of the parking lots was a compromise. He said the Adelphia building can be renovated and there would still be approximately one million dollars remaining to start on a clean lot for the construction of a new City building without having to include a police department and would reduce the cost extremely. He said we could continue to argue about this for the next two to three years and fight it out in court, which would be a cost of $250,000 to $300,000 and we would still have to put money in this existing building, which is falling down. He expressed his feeling that most people would be happy with the idea of razing the Marting’s Building and putting the City offices there.”

2-14-05 “Regular City Council Meeting”:

Quote by Marty Mohr

“Mr. Mohr said when he had discussions with them he said he proposed some of the money be used to develop the property that the school system has offered to the City, which he said would be the high school building site and the gymnasium, which he wanted to see developed into a recreation center. He said the Marting’s Foundation told him they would entertain the idea for some of that money to go towards a recreation center for the community. He said there was a large array of things suggested for the use of that money and to get the issue on the table in this form gave the City the chance and the ability to make changes or amendments to the ordinance in accordance to what Council would like to do as a group. He said a majority could determine that $100,000.00 would be used toward a recreation center and amend the ordinance accordingly; he suggested that another $500,000.00 could be designated for renovation of the Adelphia building.”

12-13-04 documents associated with total costs for Adelphia Building of $500 thousand:

CLICK:  12-13-2004 Adelphia Building Costs

12-13-06 Audio Clips from?the “Regular City Council Meeting”:

CLICK:  Neal Hatcher – Presented during “Item 8” of the Legislative portion of the Agenda.

“Neal Hatcher – 1044 Noel Dr., representing Dr. Herbert Singer of Las Angeles who, at the suggestion of Mike Meran, is offering to donate the Adelphia Building to the City. Mr. Hatcher said he felt it would be a wonderful idea and provided drawings showing the Adelphia Building as it exists and how it might look if converted into a Police Station. Mr. Hatcher suggested an ordinance accepting the building should include an amount not to exceed $500,000.00 to 600,000.00 for improvements. He noted the advantages would include parking for the police. He said he felt this to be a good opportunity for the City of Portsmouth and advised Council that Mr. Singer needs to resolve a few issues himself but as of 11:30 a.m. this morning he is willing to go ahead and offer it to the City. Mr. Hatcher also stated that Mr. Singer would like the City to go ahead and accept the building by the end of this year but if not it would be okay.” (Copied from the approved 12-13-04 Meeting Minutes)

CLICK:   Jim Kalb – Presented during the “Mayor Report” portion of the Agenda.

“3. Thanked Mr. Hatcher for providing Council with information regarding the Adelphia building. He said he felt the offer to be real generous. He said should Council decide to accept the Adelphia building, he believed the cost of renovation for the basement was near two million dollars and renovations to the Adelphia building will be approximately $500,000.00, which he said would be a 1.5 million dollar savings on accepting and redoing the Adelphia building if Council decides to do the Marting building. Thanked Tanner and Stone Architects for their efforts with regard to the drawings for the Adelphia building.” (Copied from the approved 12-13-04 Meeting Minutes)

posted by tkm 11-27-06


CLICK:   http://com2.runboard.com/bccgforum.f1.t249

This website will be updated with the information I provided on the above link.  Also, I will be adding?additional videos from the?CBC meeting, 11-20-06.

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Below are video clips from the 11-13-06 City Building Committee Meeting

The first clip is of Bill Beaumont, City Engineering Department, answering the question, was the building really condemned?

CLICK:   11-13-06 Bill Beaumont

The second clip demonstrates how our 1st Ward Councilmember becomes upset when things don’t go his way.

CLICK:  11-13-06 Mike Mearan

The third clip is the path of cramming the Marting Building down the taxpayers of Portsmouth’s throat.  Not only is the opinion by the majority of the taxpayers not being heard by the CBC, but also is of no importance to the Mayor.  As you can see by clip the Mayor departs earlier from the meeting (Unprofessionalism).

Remember this in 2008 when a true Mayor for the people and the welfare of Portsmouth, Ohio will be on the ballot.

CLICK:   11-13-06 The Marting stink and the unprofessional Mayor.

As most know, or should know, mold is just as much a health risk as asbestos and lead poisoning.  As you will see and hear on the video clip linked below (speaking Jeff Metcalf, Manager – Business Development of Ameresco) Council and the CBC both knew about this condition and the possible exorbitant costs associated with the removal of mold.  Depending on the type of mold the removal might be impossible and the only answer would be demolition.

Also, below is a document that was provided to the City of Portsmouth, Ohio that documents Ameresco’s extent of condition for renovation of the old Adelphia Building into a Police Facility.

CLICK:  11-13-06 Adelphia Building is full of mold.

CLICK:  11-06 Executive Overview.pdf 

posted by tkm 11-14-06

Linked below is a copy of the Engineering Report, by Lock One, Inc.:

“Report of the Inspection and a Structural Condition Assessment of the
City of Portsmouth, Ohio
Municipal Building
located at 728 Second Street”

My review of this report indicates the building was never condemned or a recommendation for condemning by the Engineering Firm, Lock One.  I believe this was a smoke screen dreamed up by the Mayor and the Chief of Police to ensure community support of their scams, renovation of the Adelphia Building and the Marting Building, against the taxpayers.

The major portion of this report deals with conditions that have been known for years. The roof and the entrance facade have been ignored by current and past city officials.  The Mayor is responsible for the safety of his employees and the public, but he ignored these conditions.  My opinion is these conditions were deliberately ignored to achieve his and the chief’s underhanded rip-off.

The report never states the building was unsalvageable, only that it may not be cost effective.  NO cost estimates were prepared.

CLICK:   11-6-06 Engineering Report

CLICK:   11-6-06 Engineering Report, Appendix

posted by tkm 11-13-06, updated 11-23-06


CLICK:  11-12-06 “City Building Open for Business,” by Scott Ottney

CLICK:  11-8-06 “Building Condemned,” by Jeff Barron

CLICK:  11-9-06 “Repair Continues,” by Jeff Barron

CLICK:  11-8-06 “Police Bunk at Fire Department,” by Ryan Scott Ottney

COMMUNITY COMMON?ARTICLE (This article was published in the Sunday’s edition, 11-12-06, even though they had obtained a copy of the Engineering Report on the previous Wednesday)

City Government Is Shutdown,Wayne Allen

As of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7, the Portsmouth Municipal Building was condemned and deemed unfit for occupation following the results of a structural engineering report. The report was requested by the city’s Building Committee, formed at the request of Portsmouth City Council President Howard Baughman to explore options the city might have for constructing a new city building or to find an existing building and redesign it to fit the city’s needs. The committee also had requested the engineer examine the current City Building. James Bir, P.E. of Lock One, Inc. of Marietta, was hired to provide the engineering report to the city. The report included an evaluation of the building’s structural condition. The report recommended that action be taken, citing “The front entry should be closed and barricaded to the occupants and the public.  This measure will require that adequate, alternate exits be established.  Proper repair of the building is probably not economically feasible.” The report is dated Oct. 6.  “When we first received the report, we had a meeting with city officials and decided to close the building,” MayorJames Kalb explained. It was Chris Payton and city fire inspectors that condemned the building Tuesday after noon, he said. At press time, Kalb explained, the city was awaiting bids from local contractors to look at the damage and provide estimates for repairs. The winning bid was for $7,500 coming from J n H Construction.  Also, at press time, only the Police and Fire Departments, and Municipal Court in a limited capacity, remained operational.  “We are hopeful that work can begin evidently and things will be back up and running by Monday,” Kalb explained.  “The city is now is in a tough spot, and there are a lot of unanswered questions at this point,” City Council Vice-President Marty Mohr said Tuesday night while following election returns.  “Based on the structural engineer’s report we received, the current City Building is no longer an alternative when it comes to picking city offices,” said Mike Mearan,1st Ward Councilman and chairman of the City Building committee.

posted by tkm 11-13-06

8-14-06 Meeting wav files

CLICK:  Longevity hopefully will not be an issue

CLICK:  City Building Committee presents a?written Plan

CLICK:  Evaluate the available property owned by the City

CLICK:  Is Impropriety going to be an issue with Mike Merean

CLICK: Getting a structural Engineering for the current City Building

CLICK:  Communication with the City Building Committee is encouraged

CLICK:  Marting Foundation Requirements to receive monies

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1-06 Tanner Stone presented to the City of Portsmouth, Ohio a proposal for the renovation of the old Adelphia Building, on Washington Street, into a Police Department. This report documents the existance of mold throughout the building.

CLICK:  1-06 Proposed Portsmouth Police Department compiled by Tanner Stone

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PDT Articles concerning the Municipal Buildings

CLICK:  8-12-98 PDT Article
CLICK:  12-29-97 PDT Article
CLICK:  5-28-97 PDT Article

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I want to thank Bill Beaumont for giving me the following information and documentation by the Engineering Firm Dodson Stilson, which details an evaluation performed on both Griffith Hall and the Municipal Building.

For a couple of years now, I have been requesting information from the Mayor regarding a past Inspection by an Engineering Firm (Structural Engineer’s), which he insisted didn’t exist. I received, from an unnamed individual, copies of a letter from an Engineering Firm, Dodson Stilson, documenting the Evaluation was performed on both City Building Complexes. This evaluation, by the Structural Engineering Firm, confirms the City Municipal Building, at the time of the evaluation, was structural sound.

Read for yourself:

CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Prject – Phase I:
CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Project – Appendix A
CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Project – Appendix B
CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Project – Appendix C
CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Project – Appendix D
CLICK:   5-23-97 Portsmouth Municipal Building Project – Appendix E

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1984 City Building Committee

The two documents linked below were given to me for posting on the web. These two documents detail previous attempts to secure a suitable City Building. What happened?

Also, during this time frame, a Structural Engineering Firm evaluated the City Building. Seems we are being lied to!!!!

CLICK:  3-26-84 City Task Force

CLICK:  10-84 City Building Master Plan

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