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City Council Meeting August 25, 2008

I have known for quite some time that the City of Portsmouth, Ohio has four (4) City Council members, 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman, President; 2nd Ward Council David Malone, Vice President; 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan; and 4th Ward Council Jerrold Albrecht that are not on council for the best interest of the City. Instead I believe they have remained on Council to serve special interest groups like the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) as well as other unelected leaders.

Tonight’s, August 25, 2008, City Council Meeting I witnessed another stage of the ineffectiveness and incompetence of these four (4) Council members I mentioned above at managing the City. On the agenda tonight was an Ordinance that requested Council to approve the transfer of money from the General Fund to an Engineering Fund. Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward Councilman, requested the Auditor to certify money was available for transfer to the account. Auditor Trent Williams’ basic response to this question was to inform Council there was no way he could certify available money for transfer and, in his opinion, the General Fund was operating in the red. He also expressed his attempts for contacting the Engineering Department’s Department Head to try and resolve the issue of funds not being available for this transfer but had no success.

Council voted on the Ordinance, Item 7a, to transfer unverified funds from the General Fund to the Engineering Fund. 3 reading rules was suspended and Ordinance passed 4 to 2. Voting to pass the Ordinance and spend money not certified by the City Auditor were – 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman, President; 2nd Ward Council David Malone, Vice President; 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan; and 4th Ward Council Jerrold Albrecht. City Solicitor Mike Jones sat back and watched as 4 Council members voted to the affirmative to put the City in debt with nothing but a Hope and a Prayer for finding someway to balance the budget at the end of the year.

CLICK:  8-25-08 Item 7a

CLICK:  8-25-08 Jane Murray

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4-23-07 Council Meeting Highlights

If Howard Baughman, 5th Ward & Pres; Marty Mohr, 6th Ward & Vice Pres; David Malone 2nd Ward; & Gerald Albright, 4th Ward would have had the opportunity to vote tonight citizens would not be aloud to speak!!!!!!

CLICK:  4-23-07 Conference Meeting.

Thanks to Mike Mearan, 1st Ward & Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward for encouraging and support for the voice of the people.


From the CCG Roundtable:

The President of Council, Mr. Baughman, does not keep control of Mr. Mohr. He speaks out and interrupts the others and is very disruptive during the council meetings. I sometimes wonder who really is the President of Council.

I can not imagine what it would be like if the rights of the citizens to voice their opinions in council meetings were taken away. Right now those listening in on the radio and those in attendance at the council meetings know what really goes on in those meetings. What the radio audience doesn’t see is the actions made by one of the council members and hopefully that will be shown when the council meetings become televised.

I would like to thank my Councilman, Mike Mearan, for his talk on the rights of the citizens to be able to speak at the council meetings when they wanted to without having to fill out a paper and turn it into the clerk’s office before the meetings.

Also, thanks to Bob Mollette for his attention to the needs of the citizens of his 3rd Ward.

What I would like to see in the council meetings is a response back from Council when a citizen asks a question.

One of the councilmen made the statement that council is just legislative, that council’s hands are tied. Well, don’t tie the citizen’s hands, as well, by taking “OUR VOICE” out of the council meetings.

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4-9-07 Council Meeting Highlights

Marty Mohr tries to keep the “circus atmosphere” during Public Meetings.

CLICK: 4-4-07 Marty Mohr Memo to take away citizens rights

CLICK: 4-9-07 Daub Video – 1

CLICK: 4-9-07 Noel Video – 1

The First time Marty Mohr tried to take away the citizens’ right to speak was on May 23, 2005.  Below is a pdf copy of the meeting minutes and a video taken by Moezene, Joe Ferguson, in a back office, Jo Ann Aeh’s, of Mohr instructing Council on how to add the item and most likely how to vote.  This was a blatant violation of the Ohio Sunshine Laws.

CLICK:  5-23-05 “Regular” City Council Meeting Minutes

CLICK:  5-23-05 Video taken by Moezene of illegal backroom meeting (Thanks Joe)  

Citizens speak to Council about their concerns for the ongoing vandalism at Greenlawn Cemetery and the history that is being destroyed etc.

CLICK: 4-9-07 Mike Blankenship-Hamilton

CLICK:  4-9-07 Paul Penix 

CLICK:  4-9-07 Daub Video

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12-27-06 Council Meeting Highlights 

Video for an Ordinance authorizing the Auditor of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio to solicit to receive applications from area banks for the deposit of public monies coming into the Department of Finance and Audits of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio.

CLICK:  12-27-06 Video 

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12-11-06 Council Meeting Highlights

2007 Budget Update

Linked below are three videos. These videos will show the financial troubles of the City of Portsmouth for both this year ending, December 31st, 2006, and for the year ending December 31, 2007.

For the City of Portsmouth to be able to ensure commitment payments (bills) and payroll for the first of the year, January 2007, Council must approve an Ordinance for two months only.  This is due to the Mayor and Auditor not being able to generate and submit to Council a balanced budget for the entire year of 2007; this Ordinance will permit the City of Portsmouth to operate after the first of the year.  The Mayor and the Auditor must then figure a way to submit, to Council, a balanced Budget for the year 2007; doesn’t look good for the City of Portsmouth.

The Sentinel reported a couple of days ago that all indications point to Mayor Kalb being the Mayor who will turn the lights off in Portsmouth.  Well, if the uncontrolled spending by the Mayor, with Councils approval and the Auditors blessing of suitable funding continues, as in the past, the City of Portsmouth will be bankrupt within a couple of years, or maybe sooner.

CLICK:  2007 Budget(1) video – Conference Session

CLICK:  2007 Budget(2) video – Conference Session

CLICK:  2007 Budget(3) video – Conference Session

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6-26-06 Council Meeting Highlights

They had Malone on a roll and forgot to let him know when to stop suspending the rules.

CLICK: 7c  Malone

CLICK: 7d  Malone

CLICK: 7e  Malone

CLICK: 7f   Malone

CLICK: 7g  Mohr 

CLICK: 7h  Malone

CLICK: 7i   Malone–They forgot to tell you not this one.  But they will do better next time.

Council highlights:







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