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This page will contain information related to changing the zoning classification in the McKinley & Roosevelt School areas from a Zone A to a Zone C.


Thursday, 7-27-06 @ 7:00pm
The new Portsmouth High School

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At the Regular Portsmouth City Council Meeting on 6-26-06 Mohr’s?comments reinforced just how much he is not concerned about the citizens of Portsmouth.  3rd Ward property owners of the McKinley and Roosevelt School areas beware, Mohr is asking Council to have a resolution drawn up by the Solicitor for Council to approve rezoning and disregard the true feelings of the property owners in these two school areas.

Mohr is not on council to represent what is in the best interest of the citizens/taxpayers of Portsmouth.

Listen to the following clip from the Council Meeting:

CLICK:  Marty Mohr

Now listen to a Councilman who really cares about the community and the citizens that support it!

CLICK:  Bob Mollette

posted by tkm 6-27-06

Video Clips from the 6-20-06 Planning Commision Meeting.

CLICK:  Buyers Confidential
Speaking from the podium is Stephen Oliver, attorney in the law office of C. Clayton Johnson & Oliver

CLICK:  The only vision I can find is to screw the taxpayers!
Thanks Bill Beaumont, Engineering Department, for being a vocal member of the City Planning Commision–If we just had more like you.

Just received a phone call asking for a copy of the full video. During the conversation I was enlightened on just how many citizens were standing in the hallway; my guess would be >100 citizens were at this meeting. Seems they were all the way around the corner and couldn’t even get close to the room.

Also, was told Mohr and Baughman sat on the bench in the hallway talking but mostly Mohr was ranting and disturbing the citizens around him who were attempting to hear what was going on in the room–many just left and are hoping to get a copy of the whole video for review.

CLICK:  Blame the Taxpayers
Jan Broughton, Superintendent of Portsmouth City Schools chastises taxpayers for her lack of planning and communication with the public.

CLICK:  Eddie Edwards
CLICK:  Bill Shaw
(IMO)If you need an attorney to deceive the taxpayers of Portsmouth hire Johnson & Oliver Law Firm. But, if you want honesty and integrity you might consider on the two attorney’s above.


PDT Letter to the Editor

Zoning changes are drastic between Residences A, C and shouldn’t happen

Saturday, June 17, 2006 11:12 PM EDT

I take exception to representations made in the June 7 article, School board dispels rumors.  Contrary to the article, a change from Residence A to Residence C is drastic!

The City Zoning Code provides for Residence Districts A, A-1, AA, B and C. The difference in Districts is the types of dwellings, the sizes of yards, set backs and population density. Residence A permits single family detached dwellings, the leasing of rooms, a club or nonprofit association, church, educational use, municipal recreational use, garden, hospital or home occupations. Each lesser district permits fewer restrictions.

Residence A-1 permits one, two and multi-family dwellings. What are high end condos or apartments, but multi-family dwellings.  Residence B allows large-scale neighborhood housing projects, if the Planning Commission approves.  Residence C does not require any approval.  What is a large-scale neighborhood housing project if not a Wayne Hills or Farley Square

Why is a change to C needed if it is not to permit unlimited use?

I think the answers to the questions are obvious and warrant a rejection of the proposed change. It would create an island of Residence C use, in the sea of a Residence A district. Such spot zoning violates Ordinance 1131.07(d)(3) which provides that Council shall give due consideration to the proper relationship of such amendments to the entire Zoning Code, it being the interest to retain the integrity and validity of the zoning districts herein described and to avoid any isolated spot zoning changes.

I also take exception to the idea that the board may limit a buyer’s use of a property. The sale of such properties is regulated by O.R.C. 3313.41, which provides that schools must sell property at public auction. It says nothing permitting any condition on a sale.

Upon learning of the proposed zoning change, I made a request to the district for public records relevant to the sale and communications with developers. I will reserve judgment as to the nature of the transactions and honesty of school officials until I receive the documents. I however, oppose any zoning change that is not tied to a specific development plan binding the developer to a specific project

I would ask that the Daily Times investigate and join in my request for public records and that home owners near Roosevelt and McKinley Schools attend the June 20 hearing and object to any zoning change.

William K. Shaw Jr.

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