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11-10-08 City Council Meeting Mike Mearan apologized to the citizens of Portsmouth and brought a peace offering.

CLICK: 11-10-08 1st Ward Report – Mike Mearan

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Below is my opinion and a video to support my opinion about Michael Mearan. The video was taken at the 9-22-08 City Council Meeting.

Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council, from day one, has not been shy about admitting he only decided to be placed on Council to ensure the Courts have new accommodations. Since that time he has added to his agenda his support of the decrepit old Marting Building and his continued push to utilize the Adelphia Building even with the rumored conflict of interest on his part.

Every day Mr. Mearan becomes more determined and unyielding in order to ensure the Marting Building and the Adelphia site are shoved down the taxpayers of Portsmouth’s throat. It doesn’t matter to him if the elderly have their medication or food on the table. It doesn’t matter to him if a parent(s), grandparent(s) or caregiver has medical attention or food for both themselves and that child. It doesn’t matter to him if a citizen of Portsmouth can afford to heat their house or have gas for their car to go to work. It’s even been said Mr. Mearan has been delinquent on his own taxes.

See below another attempt by Mr. Mearan to try and humiliate and downgrade the citizens of Portsmouth. Watch Mr. Mearan tell the public if you don’t agree with him leave.

My opinion, Mr. Mearan we don’t need your kind in our city. In my opinion you bring nothing but bad news to a community that could start healing without the likes of someone like you. Click below to watch a video of Mr. Mearan and his rude attitude towards the citizens of Portsmouth; Mearan appears to be taking lessons from Mayor Kalb.

CLICK: 9-22-08 City Council Meeting – Mike Mearan speaking at the citizens of Portsmouth

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Motion for Summary Judgment

“Now comes the defendant, Robert J. Forrey, by and through counsel, and pursuant to Civil Rule 36(A) moves the Court for Summary Judgment in the instant case as there are no genuine issues of material fact in dispute and Defendant is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. The reasons which more fully support Defendant’s Motion are contained in the accompanying Memorandum.”

CLICK: 9-12-08 Defendant, Robert J. Forrey, Motion for Summary Judgment

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7-1-08 Attorney Michael H. Mearan, 1st Ward Council member, warns, or maybe better said threatened, Austin Leedom, a 75-years-old citizen of Portsmouth, for expressing his opinion. This threat comes after previously threatening another senior citizen of our community, Dr. Robert Forrey, who is 76-years-old.

These threats appear to me to be in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendment Rights.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Constitution of the United States

Preying on the elderly is my thoughts after reading the particulars behind the above two threats, and a case in which Mearan represents a young man but maneuvers a takeover of the mother’s property; the mother is 69-years-old.  I honestly do not believe Mearan preys only on the elderly but also on those he believes to be easy targets. I believe with both Dr. Forrey and A. Leedom Mearan may have taken on more than he recognizes.

Heather Hren, an employee of Mr. Mearan’s appeared on the scene for the first time at a Portsmouth City Building Committee (CBC), which was formed by Council President Howard Baughman, in July of 2006. Ms. Hren accompanied Michael Mearan to the first CBC meeting and he introduced her as a stenographer from his office. Mr. Mearan informed the CBC committee and the citizens in attendance at this first meeting that he would chair the CBC meetings and Ms. Hren would take and prepare meeting minutes.

Shortly after the first CBC meeting Ms. Hren was picked up in Waverly, Ohio transporting drugs to Portsmouth for sale. The vehicle that was being used by Ms. Hren was leased to none other than Michael H. Mearan; who “employed” and represented Ms. Hren; Hren story below.

Provided below is a letter by Attorney at Law Michael H. Mearan to Austin Leedom and a pdf file of an agreement between Karol Craft and Joe Lester, per Mike Mearan, and written on Michael H. Mearan’s letterhead:

CLICK: 7-1-08 Attorney Michael H. Mearan to Austin Leedom

CLICK: 2-9-06 Karol Craft contract

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6-23-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting Mike Mearan verbally attacked Robert Forrey and his website River Vices, http://rivervices.blogspot.com/. My logic behind this show of aggression by Mr. Mearan is directly related to the potentially unethical behavior of Mr. Mearan, several other Council members and the Mayor. According to the Portsmouth City Charter the Mayor or individual council members do not have the authority to spend taxpayer’s money without a vote of a majority of council. Mr. Mearan’s threatening behavior leads me to believe he is doing something wrong and trying to hide it through intimidation.

Mr. Mearan’s explanation for replacing the roof on the Annex was for safety reasons, and a half-cocked justification that “we” are not just going to sit around and let the building fall apart around us. Well Mr. Mearan what has the Mayor and City Council done for the last 30 years but allowed the current City Building to deteriorate to a condition considered by many unsafe. What are you, Mr. Mearan, currently doing to ensure safety in our current City Building so employees and general public are safe when entering the current City Building to do business?

As far as saying the May 2006 election does not stop repairs on the Marting Building, I have to differ. The exact wording on the referendum states, “In accordance with Sections 21 and 22 of the Charter of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio, we the undersigned registered electors of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio, do hereby request the repeal or submission to a vote of the electors of Year 2005 Ordinance number 69, adopted by Portsmouth City Council on September 26, 2005, for the following reason(s) to wit: THIS ORDINANCE FAILS TO REFLECT THE WISHES OF THE MAJORITY OF THE CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, OHIO, WHICH IS TO SUSPEND ANY FURTHER SPENDING ON THE FORMER MARTINGS BUILDING UNTIL VIABLE ALTERNATIVES FOR CITY FACILITIES ARE PRESENTED FOR A VOTE OF THE ELECTORS OF THE CITY.”

Seems pretty clear to me – “Suspend any further spending on the former Martings Building…” [emphasis added].  The vote at the May 2006 election was approximately 2.7 to 1 against doing anything to the Marting Building.

CLICK: 6-23-08 Mearan attacking Forrey

Below is another video recording taken during the 6-23-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting with Mike Mearan asking the citizens “WHAT PART OF NO DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND”? I think Mr. Mearan should be asking himself this question. The citizens of Portsmouth said NO to the Marting Building by a vote of approximately 2.7 to 1. He claims his illegal Advisory Building Committee (ABC) meetings take precedence over a majority vote of the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio during a state primary election.

Mr. Mearan’s attitude and demeanor reminds me more of a totalitarian form of government rather than a democracy.  I see Mr. Horner had plenty of time to instruct and guide Mr. Mearan prior to his (Mr. Horner’s) Administrative Leave of his duties.

CLICK: 6-23-08 Mearan saying NO

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At the June 9, 2008 “Regular” City Council meeting Attorney Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council, leads you to believe NO police protection for anyone standing in the way of his Justice Center.

Ex-Chief Charles Horner’s regime played out a lot like Mearan’s attitude at this June 9th meeting. It included the same form of intimidation and threats. His (Mearan’s) attitude is representative of, if you don’t play ball Mearan’s way I will see you pay!

Listen to the audio clip taken at the 6-9-08 “Regular” City Council Meeting:

CLICK: 6-9-08 Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council

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On my main page of this blog I wrote of an accidental encounter with C. Clayton Johnson and his guest at Williams Restaurant; provided link for the article http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?p=315. During this encounter I overheard Mr. Johnson explain to the guest there were only a handful of successful attorneys in Portsmouth.

To begin with I want you to watch the1-14-08, City Council meeting wav file of Mike Mearan’s 1st Ward Report; Mr. Mearan is a local Portsmouth attorney.

After watching Mearan on this wav file do you feel he is one of the successful attorneys Mr. Johnson referenced when talking to his guest? Me, I would have to ask myself, what would distinguish success from failure in the eyes of a man like C. Clayton Johnson.

Maybe Mearan is a successful attorney, at least in the eyes of a man like C. Clayton Johnson.

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1-14-08 City Council Meeting

CLICK: 1-14-08 Video clip taken during the 1st Ward Report

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12-10-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting 

It’s time to make some decision, right or “WRONG”. This remark was made by Mike Mearan during his 1st Ward Report at the 12-10-07 “Regular” City Council Meeting in relation to moving forward with a new City Building. It would appear to me this is the same mentality used when the decision was made to purchase the Marting Building in 2002.

Not only was this type of decision making used when purchasing the Marting Building but used numerous other times. For instance – SOGP Water Contract, moving forward with the MIEX System without the necessary land being available, AEP Building, Adelphia Building, Appealing Judge Marshall’s Ruling on the Marting Building etc.

The RIGHT decision requires a plan. With the above type of mentality we, the taxpayers of Portsmouth, will always pickup the costly tab for the mistakes made by our city officials.

See video below:

CLICK: 12-10-07 Mike Mearan’s 1st Ward Report (remark made towards the end of video)

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9-10-07 City Council Meeeting

CLICK: 9-10-07 Mike Mearan 1st Ward Report

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3-27-07 City Council Meeting

CLICK:  3-27-07 Mike Mearan 1st Ward Report

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UPDATE on Heather Hren
This Public Notice was posted in the Community Common, 12-10-06 issue.

Nov. 22
David P. Burton, 22, of 2409-J 17th St.; charged with theft.  Heather L. Hren, 25, of 1410 D-20 16th St.; charged with theft.

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On CCG Roundtable I asked the question, which attorney in Portsmouth rented a car for an individual, who was then arrested in Waverly for possession of OxyContin.  This individual purchased this drug in Columbus and was bringing it to the Portsmouth area, and I would assume for resale on the streets of Portsmouth.

Since, I was making a trip to Columbus, Ohio today, to go to the State Fair, I decided to stop at the County Courts of Waverly to inquire about the arrest of Heather Hren.  At the County Courts I was informed she had been arraigned in court and bound over to the Common Pleas Court for trial.  I requested the name of her attorney as was informed it was Michael Mearan.  I asked them at the courts who was responsible for bonding her out and their answer was she was released on her own recognizance.  They informed me all other paperwork had just been sent to the County Clerks office and I would have to receive all further information from them or the Waverly Police Department.

I went to the Clerk of Courts, but the paperwork had not been received yet on their computer system.  So, I then went to the Waverly Police Department to request a copy of the arrest report and with no hassle I was presented this document in less than 5 minutes, and at no charge to me!

To read Police Report CLICK: *7-29-06 Heather Leigh Hren 

To see a wav file, and a short introduction of Heather, which was taken at the 7-24-06 Building Committee Meeting CLICK:  *7-24-06 Heather 

Scioto County Fair, Lucasville, Ohio 8-7-06

posted by tkm 8-9-06

Which attorney, from Portsmouth, leased the vehicle these two suspected drug carrying criminals were using to transport the OxyContin pills into Portsmouth for potential sell on our streets?


This article appeared in the Chillicothe Gazette on August 1, 2006, but no information has been published in the local PDT.

posted by tkm on CCG 8-8-06

Requesting consideration for 1st Ward Council seat.
Kevin Johnson, Mike Mearan,Jim Robinson, John Stevenson, Emily Gulker and Karen Dunham.

Below is a letter written by Kevin Johnson’s for the 1st Ward Council seat.

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

After much deliberation I have decided to “throw my hat in the ring” to be considered by the Portsmouth City Council to fulfill the unexpired term now existing in the First Ward, consequent to the resignation of Tim Loper.

I would be honored to have your support in this endeavor. Below are the phone numbers of members of Council and the Mayor should you wish to voice your support – or, conversely, to oppose – this effort.

Also, below, is the letter I forwarded to Council this morning (resume attached). It outlines why I believe I should be considered for this position.

With many thanks…


City Council: 354-4706 (728 Second Street; Portsmouth, OH 45662-4090)
2nd Ward – Hon. David Malone (354-5095)
3rd Ward – Hon. Bob Mollette (353-0099)
4th Ward – Hon. Jerrold Albrecht (353-6950)
5th Ward – Hon. Howard Baughman (353-1406)
6th Ward – Hon. Marty Mohr (456-6910)
Hon. Jim Kalb, Mayor – 354-8807
Kevin W.W. Johnson
May 19, 2006

Hon. Howard Baughman, President
City Council, City of Portsmouth
728 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662-4090Dear Mr. Baughman:

As a registered voter qualified under City Charter to be appointed to City Council, it is my desire, and I hereby request, to be considered for appointment to the Portsmouth City Council, First Ward, to fulfill the remainder of an unexpired term.

After much thought, consideration and discussion with others, I have concluded that my experience in government, banking, finance and small business may – in some small way – perhaps be of benefit to Council and the City of Portsmouth. A short resume is attached hereto.

My agenda, simply put, is the betterment of Portsmouth. I truly believe Portsmouth has great potential. I believe we can be competitive. And I believe that local government can serve to encourage business, competition, and the consequent benefits to the public of a thriving, competitive business environment.

Our City, as with many others, has its problems. All problems have solutions – solutions amicable to and acceptable by citizens who depend upon the leadership of our local governments and social institutions. As a stakeholder, I should like to be a part of, and involved in, developing the solutions.

Most sincerely,

cc: Hon. Jim Kalb, Mayor
Hon. Jo Ann Aeh, City Clerk
607 Chillicothe Street, Loft
Portsmouth, OH 45662-4023
740.354.5690 ~~ kwwj@sciotowireless.net

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