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Just visited the updated website for the 6-26-06 “Regular Council Meeting” and noticed on the Reports page Kalb has delivered a letter to council pertaining to the Rental License Fee Program; half way down the page under Council Packet Correspondence.

CLICK: Kalb Letter

Could this memo from Kalb indicate that Council with the support of the Mayor are conspiring to do to the “Rental” property owners what they did to the “River Campground citizens”? A couple of months back several “River Campground citizens” attended a “Regular Council Meeting” to express their disappointment on how Council was contemplating raising the fees at the River Campground without first providing a plan or justification through documentation on why. After several of the citizens spoke Council decided to table the Ordinance for this particular meeting until further information could be compiled and Ordinance would be placed on the agenda in the future after all the details were worked out.

Well, guess what happened. Yes, the Ordinance was placed on a future “Regular Council Meeting,” and added to the agenda on the very night of the “Regular Council Meeting” just prior to the Legislative portion of the meeting. This intended behavior by Council insured citizens were not given any advanced opportunity to know this Ordinance would be revisited at this current “Regular Council Meeting”. The Ordinance was added to the Legislative Agenda as a second reading and passed that night. It’s called circumventing the law.

For more information see following:

CLICK: page/ of the Council Information website or

CLICK:  Letter #06-032 and

CLICK:  This is a link to the City of Portsmouth’s website where you can read the approved meeting minutes from the ”Regular Council Meetings” of 4-24-06 and 3-27-06.

Now, let’s continue with why I started this post. The “Rental License Fee Program,” was tabled after the 2nd reading and could be revisited in response to the above linked letter from the Mayor at the “Regular Council Meeting” scheduled tomorrow night 6-26-06 @ 06:00pm. From past documented information I would have to guess the Rental owners of Portsmouth will face the same demise as the “River Campground Citizens”?

Come to the “Regular Council Meeting” tomorrow, Monday, 6-25-06 @ 06:00pm to have a voice in your City Government or listen to the radio on WPAY 1400 the AM side @ 06:00pm.

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(The Kalb Tax)

Punitive tax is nonsense
PDT–Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:39 PM EDT

The Issue: $100 per rental unit licensing fee proposal

Our View: Forget it and enforce ordinances

City of Portsmouth, are you listening? Are you talking with each other? Judging from the Mayor Jim Kalb and Auditor Trent Williams exchange at Monday’s public hearing, we do not think so.

The suggestion that city landlords pay a $100 per unit annual rental licensing fee raised a justifiable ruckus during Monday’s public hearing on the issue. More insulting was the news that the potential $300,000 anti-business windfall for the city would be placed in the general fund.

To our knowledge, these property owners pay their taxes. What sense does it make to place a very punitive tax (an additional tax at that) on a group of taxpayers because they own rental properties? The answer is none.

It makes as much sense as ticketing everyone on Scioto Trail at the moment one driver is caught speeding.

Let’s take this approach, as suggested by some in attendance, in our efforts to make the city better: With public input, we should update existing ordinances and codes as necessary. We should stiffen the penalties for noncompliance and join forces with other agencies to decrease blighted areas.

Then, if the ordinance and code enforcement is not working, we will know it is a lack of focus on the part of the city to see that all property owners comply, as they should.

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Kalb’s way of padding the General Fund for continued misspending by Council.

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CLICK: 5-8-06 Now was that 30% or 70%??

An overview of the proposed Rental License Program

CLICK: 5-8-06 Don Waldon

Testimony at the Rental License Fee Meeting held on May 8, 2006

CLICK: 5-8-06 Karen Collette

CLICK: 5-8-06 Jody Stevens

CLICK: 5-8-06 Vicki Hatcher

CLICK: 5-8-06 Bud Sayre

CLICK: 5-8-06 Bryan Addis

CLICK: 5-8-06 Kay Reynolds


The house Mr. Loper claims to reside in!!!!!

CLICK: Loper expressing his support of a Rental License Fee Program

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