Howard Baughman

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Howard Baughman using dictatorship tactics to silence the citizens while allowing certain Council members to terrorize, harass, intimidate, threaten, and pressure citizens and other Council Members, especially Bob Mollette.

CLICK: 3-27-07 Howard Baughman – dictatorship at its finest!

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Elections Commission Complaint against Howard Baughman

Violation of R.C. 3517.105, but for good cause shown did not impose a fine nor refer the matter for prosectuion.

CLICK: 9-21-06 Case No. 2006G-025

On August 24th, 2006, the Ohio Elections Commission reviewed and heard testimony in regard to the complaint filed against Mr. Baughman by the Concerned Citizens Group.  Just prior to the hearing it was noted that Mr. Baughman had hired the legal services of Donald J. Mctigue.  Also, prior to the hearing, Baughman provided to the Ohio Elections Commission a signed affidavit, notarized by Jo Ann Aeh, an admittance of guilt.

The ruling by the Elections Commission:  Violation was noted, but for good cause shown a Fine was not imposed.

CLICK:  8-24-06 CASE #2006E-025

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CLICK:  OEC Complaint-3 July 2006
CLICK:  City Charter Violation Complaint-3 July 2006
CLICK:  Exhibits in support of Complaint
CLICK:  OEC Response to Complaint
CLICK:  Solicitor Kuhn’s Response to Complaint

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