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As of Monday, September 28, 2009, SOMC will not have inpatient admissions for pediatric care. A pediatric patient can be observed and treated at SOMC for up to 23 hours maximum. At that point the treating physician(s) must arrange for the patient to be transferred to another hospital or to a specialized hospital that has a pediatric division.

I would take a child of mine to SOMC only for triage and stabilization, then I would have them transported to a medical facility I trusted. But, many in our community do not have the option because of their jobs and their family responsibilities.

After I read the attached pdf letter below I got the impression the SOMC Board of Trustees and Randal M. Arnett made their decision more out of spite rather than considering what was best for the children and our community.

CLICK:  9-25-09 SOMC Letter

St. Mary’s 2009 International Festival

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American, Italian, German, Philippine, Korean, Chinese, Mid East, Mexican, Latin American, Local Fare, Homemade Ice Cream, Desserts & Pies
(Saturday 11am to 8pm, Sunday Noon-7pm)

Winners announced Sunday Evening (Call 354-4551 for more information)


Saturday, September 19th
9am-4pm ANTIQUE, CLASSIC & CUSTOM CAR & TRUCK SHOW (Registration 9am – Noon, Awards presented at 4pm)
9 am Flea Market Opens
11 am Food Court Open, Kids Games Open, Exhibits Open
Entertainment Starts (2:30 pm -Closing)
2:30 pm Mind Chaser
4:30 pm Lost City Band from Lake Orion, Michigan
6:15 pm Zumba (Entertainment)
7 pm RCW Local Wrestling Event
Flea Market Closed for Day
8 pm Food Court and Exhibits Closed for the Day

Sunday, September 20th
Noon Food Court, Exhibits & Flea Market Opens
Entertainment Starts (1 pm to Closing)
2:30 pm THE CHILDREN OF “HONK JR.”, Portsmouth Little Theater
4:30 pm GARY BILLUPS TRIO – Featuring: Gary Billups, Nelson Foucht, Tom Stephens
7 pm Food Court and Exhibits Close – Thanks Everyone For Another Great Festival !!!

Tracy Park

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Let me begin by saying, neither Bob nor I have rallied behind one group or another as it pertains to the Tracy Park playground construction project. What we did was listen to several citizens who have specific safety concerns associated with the playground project [which some believe is a hazard for our children].

Bob and I were contacted on Saturday evening, September 12th, and asked to meet at Tracy Park (a City owned park) to discuss the impending playground being built by the Portsmouth Kiwanis Club. The discussion identified several potential safety issues associated with the location of the playground. I have also asked myself why these concerns were just now being brought forth when this project had been ongoing for several months, but, even with that said I believe it is never too late to bring up Safety concerns. Bob and I both work in an industry that requires and encourages a Safety Conscious Work Environment. This mindset has been instilled in both Bob and I through our many years of working in an industry that puts safety first. If it were a common practice for industries, manufacturers and construction projects to forgo safety after the design and build phases could you imagine how many injuries and death accidents would occur? What if manufacturers of children’s toys, furniture, clothing or safety equipment felt after the design, manufacture and sell phases were complete no further evaluations or input was needed or received. I would have a serious problem with any company or manufacturer who put my child in danger. Let me ask this, has anyone not returned a recalled safety item and then permitted their child to continue to use the defective merchandise. I would hope not!

In the discussions held on Sunday the damage to the trees was discussed. I also have uncertainties about the damage to trees in Tracy Park and the consequences associated. My issue to the damage of a tree(s) is safety related. If there is any increase in the chance a child could be injured or killed from a falling branch I have concerns. Any safety concerns and issues not assessed prior to moving forward with this project or any project that could negatively impact the wellbeing of our children and our community is not acceptable.
During the fact finding meeting on Sunday with the concerned citizens, a woman [named Becky] representing the Kiwanis approached us by asking if we were the ones who were trying to shutdown the playground project, and if so we were the group that was not concerned about the children. My answer to her was, “You are the one who is uncaring and self-absorbed. You strut around full of yourself prior to ensuring and encouraging all questions concerning safety are answered to the satisfaction guaranteeing the protection and security of the children. I asked “Becky” why the Kiwanians had not considered a residential area like Mound Park instead of a high traffic business area like Tracy Park. She responded by saying, “Do you think I would take my grandchildren to Mound Park with all the stuff that is going on there?” That answer concerns me. “Do we just ignore the problems of our community or do we stand up for our community and make it a better place to live, work and raise a family?” I guess The Portsmouth Kiwanis Club believes we should just close our eyes to the real problems of the community and just maybe they will go away or turn an area into a blighted area for Neal Hatcher to acquire for nothing.

Several Individuals are lashing out at those who are questioning safety aspects of the playground. They are calling it a political ploy at a price of a child’s life and welfare. One of those individuals openly condoning this behavior is Al Oliver, who is being used by the Kiwanians as a political pawn.

Do the Kiwanians ignore the safety of our children to meet a deadline? Do the Kiwanians use children as a political ploy through the biased media of WSAZ and WNXT to intimidate and silence safety concerns? Will the Kiwanians take responsibility for any child who might be injured or killed using their potentially unsafe project?

Instead of egocentric groups in our community looking only for that highly publicized pat on the back, they should be concentrating on the welfare and safety of the community and the children.

Remember, it is never too late to ensure safety.

Julia Marlowe

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Guest Writer

Dear Ms. Mollette,

I was writing to ask if I might submit the following letter to your website? I attempted to have it published in the Times but have heard no reply from them.

Thank You,

Lance Kirby

Recently I visited the Cincinnati Museum of Art where I saw an exhibit of sculpture by Bessie Potter Vonnoh. Among the statues, I came upon a small bronze of our own Julia Marlowe. It reminded me of the current display at the 1810 House, of an assortment of Marlowe’s costumes and props from many of her productions. It was explained to me, when last I saw them, that they are in a state of rapid decay due to the hostile atmosphere of the un-air conditioned old building. It was also explained to me that these costumes were offered to the Southern Ohio Museum, only to be rebuffed. I can only account for this as some form of snobbery, since I recall not too long ago they had installed a collection of drift wood and assorted river garbage under the title of “art”. Surely, the historical, and certainly more colorful, garments of no less than a floodwall luminary would serve as a better advertisement for Portsmouth’s sense of culture and heritage than a congeries of river debris. Meanwhile, Portsmouth’s oldest residence with all of its historic contents sits on corroding foundations to await the dust bit and the bulldozer. As Julia was an actor of tragedies, we may imagine she would sneer at this farce.