7-27-09 City Council Meeting

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CLICK: 7-27-09 Mearan during his 1st Ward Report

“I can just speak for Mike Mearan that no one tells Mike Mearan how to vote or what to say, I speak my piece.”

“I’m not always on the right side. I can accept that and go on.”

Well Mike, if you can accept that the voters have voted three (3) times and all three (3) times, count them, all three (3) times have said NO – to the Marting Building then why are you trying to obligate the City to further taxes when they have said NO!!!!!!!

And Mike, since no one tells Mike Mearan “how to vote or what to say” I guess you are personally responsible for sponsoring the additional monetary burden on the City, which will be discussed at the next Council Meeting, and I’m sure there will be no input allowed by the citizens of Portsmouth.

Listen and watch the video of Williams, City Auditor explaining that the City is short (money) in the General Fund and several of the other Enterprise Funds, and wondering how we will make the 2nd half of the year.

CLICK: 7-27-09 Vidoe Auditor Williams

Reporting on the budget figures for the first half of the year, City Auditor Trent Williams said, “So far [the numbers are] not looking really good. The General Fund [is] not performing as well as we had hoped.”

“We still have the 2nd half of the year to go, but I will finish finalizing the numbers in the report and give that to the Mayor so that he can, bring some, oh possible, suggestions or ideas making it through the rest of the year.”


The “2009” Budget was passed by 4 Council members – 1st Ward Mike Mearan, 2nd Ward Mike Malone, 4th Ward Gerald Albrecht and 5th Ward John Haas.  In my opinion these four (4) council members did not do their homework prior to passing a budget that was damned from the start.