Working against the Taxpayers

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During the Marting scandal Trent Williams, City Auditor, ensured the money that was collected illegally from City taxpayers between the years 1998 and 2002 and deposited in the 401 Debt Retirement Fund was accessible to Council for the bailout of the Marting Foundation and Clay Johnson. Williams influenced the particulars associated with the 401 Debt Retirement Fund so the illegally collected tax monies could be paid to Johnson through a Lawyers Trust to benefit the Foundation at the expense of the taxpayers.

Below you will see a clip from the 6-22-09 City Council meeting where Williams again is trying to influence Council and the public into believing that the 401 Debt Retirement Fund is for the sole discretion of Council and to hell with the public.

CLICK:  6-22-09Williams-1

6-8-09 Council Meeting Highlights

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After the June 8, 2009 “Regular” City Council Meeting Frank Lewis, Staff Writer for the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) wrote an article giving Marty Mohr (Moron) the title of the “Voice of Reason”. When has Marty ever been the voice of reason? Watch for yourself!!!!

CLICK: 6-8-09(1) Marty

CLICK: 6-8-09(2) Marty

Jim Kalb as always continues his juvenile antics even though he knows he is continuing to hammer the nail in his coffin at the November election – See video below (depending on connection may take a few minutes to load).

CLICK: 6-8-09 Kalb during the Mayor Report