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The link below will direct you to a page on this site that contains copies of letters presented to me from citizens of the Grandview area for posting.  These citizens are living day-to-day in fear, terror, and with great anxiety for their future and what tomorrow will bring.

CLICK:  Portsmouth Citizen – Sewer Page

Portsmouth City Council Meeting

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Current Legislative and Conference Agenda’s and Ordinances have been posted on

Portsmouth City Council Meeting
Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 6:00 pm
2nd floor City Building
2nd Street, Portsmouth, Ohio

Try to attend. It’s time for you to get involved in what is happening in your city.

July 20, 2008 Storm

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During the July 20th storm many trees throughout the City were damaged and ended up on the ground. One big tree lost several of its limbs in the backyard of one of our mature (86 years young) citizen’s yard. This big tree was growing on City property in an overgrown unkempt alley behind the citizen’s house.

On Monday the mature citizen called the City to remove their (the city) tree limb from the citizens property. The citizen was told to contact someone to remove the tree limbs at their cost because the City was not allowed on private property. The citizen stated they did not have a saw or the ability to drag the limbs to the street. The citizen was then told several times if the limbs were taken to the front curb the City would pick them up. The citizen was also told that since the tree limbs were now on private property they were the problem of the citizen not the City.

Thanks to the citizens son-in-law, who is in his 60’s and a neighbor with a saw the citizen was able to get the tree limbs to the front of the house without the City’s help.

Unfortunately this situation left this citizen with a terrible impression of our City services that are paid for by taxpayer’s money.

The Shawnee Sentinel

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I am in the process of scanning in back issues of the Shawnee Sentinel. I will be putting these archived pdf files on the Sentinel page of Portsmouth Citizens Blog. To make it easy for finding and viewing I am adding the link below:

CLICK:  Shawnee Sentinel page of the Portsmouth Citizens Blog

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