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Mike Payton, newly elected Councilman for New Boston, Ohio has created a website.  This website I’m sure will help keep the citizens of New Boston informed in their government.



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The Autism Project of Southern Ohio

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The Autism Project of Southern Ohio has some exciting news! They have recently acquired a Resource Center located at 1409 17th Street in Portsmouth. According to President Wendy Potts, this center is a major positive step for those living with autism. This center is what we hope will be the hub for treatment, information, and support to all individuals and families living with autism. We are just in the beginning stages of setting up and have not yet progressed any futher than that at this time. We are looking for gently used office furniture, therapy equipment, and household items.

Here are just a few things we hope to offer in the near future:

Extended services in the educational arena for autism (ABA, speech, OT, and PT). Even though we have an educational system that includes autism, the further advanced methods of teaching are not there. There would have to be trained and certified individuals to give ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) which has been the only proven teaching used for autistics and used primarily in the larger cities.

Life living skills for those that may be able one day to live on their own or if not that, have the desire to learn how to do the basic necessities that we most take for granted., i.e. doing laundry, cooking or preparing a meal, cleaning house, personal hygiene, dressing oneself.

Respite services to help ease the stress that is experienced by those that have no support systems in place. There are those that do not have friends, parents, or relatives to give the time needed for the individual caring for the autistic person to go to the doctor, store, shop, or just do the basic things everyone else takes for granted. We have parents who have not been able to leave their homes because of not being able to leave their child with anyone. Hopefully, we will be able to seek enough volunteers that parents may have an hour to do something just for themselves.

And training sessions will be offered to aids and teachers in the public and private schools if they so choose to attend. We will have parent classes also. We have enlisted the help of a learning school in Westerville, Ohio, as well as Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Westerville. They both are really excited to help us in this area.

We want to keep these services offered at nominal fees or free if possible. However, we operate strictly from donations that we receive at fundraisers and have been able to do well so far. God willing, everything will fall into place. We have to get started doing something because our children are only getting older and the older generation of autistics need to be able to get the services they need also.

This is indeed a cause of astronomical proportions, and we do have an epidemic on our hands rather anyone wants to admit it. These children are the future, and we must get them what we can now to help ease the burden in the future of providing services. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive; however, time is ticking.

We have planned swimming lessons for the kids once again starting January 23rd and future plans are for horseback riding at Mighty Oaks and Little Peanuts farm coming in May. Both of these are proven therapeutically to help autism, but how is unknown.

The Autism Project of Southern Ohio has scheduled it’s 6th Annual Walk and 2nd Annual Cruise in for a Cure for April 19th, 2008, from noon to 5pm at Spartan Stadium in Portsmouth. We hope to continue to receive the same great support from our community that we have in the past. Your monies donated will be put to great use and we all thank you. Our phone number is the same 740-353-3039, ext 205 or 740-259-0055, our mailing address has changed to PO Box 888, Portsmouth, OH 45662 for anyone wishing to inquire about our group and meetings are the last Tuesday of the month from 6 to 730pm at the Carousel Center at present unless changes are announced.

Vote For the KIDS

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