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The Autism Project of Southern Ohio would like to thank the Portsmouth Firefighter’s Local 512 and the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club for putting on a great Poker Run on Sept 16th at Tracey Park. We cannot thank you enough for taking the initiative to help us reach our dreams of creating a resource center for autism in our area where adults and children with autism will have a place to come for help and guidance along with their families. We are also creating a mini-library consisting of books and other media pertaining to autism where the public can reference “need be” information concerning autism. The library will be housed at the Carousel Center, thanks to them for allowing us the space.

We also would like to thank all the businesses and people that donated to the Poker Run and who support us in all that we do! Without community support, we would be nothing but a small club of parents; instead, we are growing every day.

We netted close to $5k on the Poker Run, with the last $1500 donation coming from Jeff Fields, Fields Escavating and Spriggs Distributing. Thank you bikers for standing with us and riding for us!

Wendy Potts, President
Mike Sines, Portsmouth Firefighter and member
Autism Project of Southern Ohio
(Both parents of autistic children)


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I recently added two (2) address links to the website section of this site.  The two links provide information about Portsmouth and Scioto County.  Enjoy – I have.

CLICK:  The History of Scioto County – by Charlie Hammond

CLICK:  Explore Scioto County – by John Gambill

Water Contract

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Water Contract between the City of Portsmouth, Ohio and the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership 

The Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) entered into a contract, by Ordinance, with the City of Portsmouth, Ohio to buy water from the City to supply water to various other companies in the name of SOGP.

In November of 2006 the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF) did not renew their contract with the SOGP. My opinion is just because the SOGP and the SOCF do not currently have a contract this does not void the contract between the SOGP and the City.

My feelings are the SOGP still owes the City of Portsmouth, Ohio for the water, which the City agreed to sell to the SOGP. The SOGP has broken a contractual agreement with the City for this water. The SOGP may no longer have their contract with SOCF but their contract through Ordinance with the City is still in tact. The City should still be billing the SOGP for costs associated and should bill SOGP using last year’s cost plus at least a 5% increase for inflation.

If we had a City Solicitor that did his job he would have already been preparing paperwork to ensure contractual enforcement of payment from the SOGP and to ensure financial stability of the City.

This is just one more of many areas where the current City Solicitor, David Kuhn, is not doing the job he was elected to perform.

See additional information on following link:

CLICK:  SOGP Water Contract

Mark your Calendar

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