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Today, February 22, 2007, @ 04:00pm, was the deadline for turning in your petitions for the “2007” Elections.  The Board of Elections will now begin their review and certify those individuals that will appear on the May ballot, runoff only, and the November Ballot for the sought after positions. 

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“PDT” Reader believes mayor’s days are numbered

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The Mayor and the Chief of Police would like people to believe it is just a small “Domestic Terrorist” group that believe Portsmouth public officials are not looking out for the taxpayers of our community.

See below a PDT “Letter to the Editor” by Z. Larry Jenkins, Portsmouth. At this time I would like to thank Mr. Jenkins for his time in writting this letter and would encourage other to be informed and get involved.  It takes individuals of our community like Mr. Jenkins to make a difference.

Reader believes mayor’s days are numbered
PDT Friday, February 16, 2007

Impeachment is in the air. And no, I’m not talking about the dumb-dumb who scammed us with Iraq. His time, most certainly, will come. This time, however, the talk around town, especially at Horton’s, is about our silent mayor who has angry, senior citizens chomping at the bit. And hell knoweth no fury like a caffeine-laden, tax-paying, saturated sot suffering arthritis by gastro. Imagine all of that vileness vociferously questioning (blasting) the mayor’s leadership.

Let’s recap. First, the mayor wanted a new van, which I don’t recall being on the ballot. Now the mayor further angers citizens by asking for a raise. Will next come a request for an all-expense-paid, four-week vacation in Aruba? The French Riviera?

Just playing, but Martings remains the killer. The consensus is: Martings is to the mayor, what WMD is to GW. A noose.

Further, Portsmouth, I say, is not New York City, nor the NFL or NBA with incremental deals. In Portsmouth, performance rules. Anybody gets a shot.

As for this mayor, as long as Martings stands with bulldozers nowhere in sight, and with another Christmas having come and gone, I say, our mayor walks on thin ice.

Or better yet, he’s riding a one-wheeled skateboard down the middle of Chillicothe Street with two Boone-Coleman trucks barreling and closing in pursuit.
Z. Larry Jenkins


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Thanks to the present staff of the PDT,

In my opinion:

About a year ago Bob and I cancelled our subscription to the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) and subscribed to the Scioto Voice. This decision was made after numerous biased articles were written by the staff, of the PDT, in order to conceal and mislead the public. At that time we felt the Scioto Voice was trying to provide a voice for the public, and not solely that of the corrupt leaders of our community.

From the time of my PDT subscription cancellation to the present, the PDT has been through three editors and two publishers. Just recently Mr. Art Kuhn was hired as their Managing Editor and Mr. Jim Freeland as their Publisher. After the date of hire of these two individuals my impression of the PDT is beginning to change. I feel the PDT writing and reporting approach has improved and this improvement is a definite plus in our community.

At one time, even as recent as a few months ago, I felt Jeff Baron couldn’t write a factual and informative article if it was given to him on a golden platter. But, what I am now beginning to grasp is maybe Jeff was just being stifled by the previous Managing Editors and Publishers of the PDT. Jeff has proven, recently, he is capable of providing accurate and informative information to the community, and not fabricated as has been the case in the past. I may even subscribe to the PDT.

My subscription to the Scioto Voice ends at the end of February, and I will not be renewing the subscription at that time.  I will not even consider subscribing to this publication, in the future, until such time they can prove positive changes to their policies and practices, which encourage their reporters to bring precise, factual and accurate news and information to the public.

Also, I wish I could cancel the delivery of the Community Common to my door step. This newspaper has always communicated biased information to the public, which at one time I felt could get no worse; but my fears have come true. In the past 6 months to a year this paper has demonstrated they can get worse. Their accuracy and biased reporting has now reached an all time low. The only thing this newspaper does is add to our waste accumulation problems.


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