Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

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People who suffer from the condition Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) are not aware of anything abnormal about themselves; they will readily explain why their actions are rational, and it is usually impossible to convince them otherwise. People who suffer from OCPD tend to derive pleasure from their obsessions or compulsions.  OCPD individuals are ego syntonic — marked by the individual’s acceptance that the characteristics displayed as a result of this disorder are compatible with his/her self-image. Ego syntonic disorders understandably cause no distress.

There are few moral gray areas for a person with OCPD; actions and beliefs are either completely right, or absolutely wrong. As might be expected, interpersonal relationships are difficult because of the excessive demands placed on friends, romantic partners, and children.

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NOVEMBER 7, 2006

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I (singular) will be submitting a reply response to a letter published in the PDT, which appeared in the 10-12-06 publication, Letter to the Editor page, and written by Steve Hayes; of course I can’t guarantee equal time being allocated to me to rebuttal Mr. Hayes’ comments. 

A few advanced comments in reply to Hayes’ letter:

1) At no time have I written, posted, edited or managed the Shawnee Sentinel!

2) At any given time if I post or comment on this site or on any other website or publication I will always use my name and date!  I stand behind what I say!

3) If I say or provide inaccurate statements or documents, and then properly contacted or notified, I will either correct, change or delete the questioned material.

4) A link to my disclaimer statement for this website can be found in the right-hand column of this page or CLICK:  http://portsmouthcitizens.info/

I will stand behind what I post or say and back any statement by using my real name.



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On the November ballot you can vote for Issue 5 and Issue 4, which could provide for a SmokeFREE Ohio.

For further information visit the SmokeFREE Ohio website:

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