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ELECTION 11-2005

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During a meeting at the Court House on 11-22-05, the Election Board was plagued with more problems and ballot issues in their certification of the 11-8-2005 election results.

These problems and issues ensure that a warm and fuzzy feeling about election results in the neighborhoods of Scioto County and the city of Portsmouth are not one of the items we can be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Attached you will find a request from the CRG Committee asking for a full hand recount of the 6th Ward Council position.


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The page on my web blog titled David Kuhn, right hand column, will be dedicated to Portsmouth, Ohio’s own City Solicitor. I will use the page to post documents I have collected and continue to collect on Mr. Kuhn’s job(?) in proving my opinion to justify my calling his poor performance as City Solicitor “Dereliction of Duty.”

The reason I selected to give Mr. Kuhn this honor will become very apparent in the near future as I continue to regularly post more and more and more and……… documents to back up my opinion of why this man, and I say that lightly, that this man is not performing his job.

So let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the up and coming weeks the City Solicitor along with several members of our City Council will be working on changes to the City Charter. One of the modifications in question and changes mentioned in the Conference Session of 11/14/2005 was overhauling the Recall Section of our City Charter. The page titled David Kuhn will explain why we must continue to have the right of recall of our Public Officials, the Public Official’s who misrepresent and neglect the citizens, their constituents.

A remark was made by 5th Ward Council Representative and Council President Howard Baughman to the press about changing the City Charter to mandate criminal charges of malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or nonfeasance as a requirement prior to distribution of recall ballots to a requestor.

Provided on the page titled David Kuhn I will post documents demonstrating NO ACCOUNTABILITY present in the City Solicitor’s office. So who is going to determine violations of malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or nonfeasance in office prior to the issuance of petitions? Surely, they aren’t expecting our current City Solicitor, David Kuhn, to make that determination.

My opinion is, he is so implicated and linked in these aforementioned crimes that a rational judgment could never be rendered by him. Nor would he know a violation of this magnitude if it hit him in the face. Because of his approval of this form of violations as norm by our Public Officials; and he is just as guilty. David Kuhn turns a blind eye to white color crime – to Crime, of malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or nonfeasance.

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Let me start by asking you:
Do you trust ANY politician?

$2 MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION–Why is it that the people that are elected in our city are perceived as being corrupted?

My guess is because our politicians are not very righteous people, and that they will “Do” “Say” ANYTHING to become part of the Southern Ohio Gangsters & Pimps (SOGP) connection. It is a shame that our city is so susceptible to control by these corrupt public officials and members of the SOGP gang who are nothing more than greedy and corrupt parasites. I think it is time the taxpayers need to take back the city. Educate the masses NOT to “give in” and vote for the lying, deceitful, double-dealing, and devious criminals.

I don’t imagine the average citizen likes our politicians but are forced into submission to HAVE to accept them. Why is it that we can’t reform our government and get the masses to the polls to force change in our system?

You ever wonder why all of the people are leaving this city? Let me see—mismanagement of taxpayers money, high tax rate for quality of services provided, drugs, prostitution, and let’s not forget the SOGP just to name a few… It is insane that citizens are held hostage to the system. I am sickened that these corrupt public officials and the SOGP attack our city for their own personal gain and the citizens just sit back and allow their money and property to be stolen without even a struggle.

My frustration with the system and the community just seems to go on and on and on. The corrupt public officials and the SOGP seem to be happiest when they can keep us quite and stupid and rob us out of our livelihoods. Most people are happy; they have their house, and car, and just want to be left alone. But the problem is that sooner or later these people are going to get angry that they have so much taken out of their paychecks with little to no service in return. They will wonder why no one else is worried about our community’s future and speaking out. Do you want me to tell you why? Why no one else will be speaking out. Because, the ones that are fighting the good fight today will have wised up and moved to another community, outside the city of Portsmouth; this is what the corrupt public officials and SOGP are counting on.

These unscrupulous people that are getting kickbacks and lining their pockets with our money will win if we don’t step forward. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CITIZENS OF PORTSMOUTH! THEY DO NOT CARE THEY DAMAGE AND HARM OUR COMMUNITY ON A DAILY BASIS! THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE AIR WE BREATHE, THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU! The greedy, lying, groveling, and corrupt politicians and SOGP are controlling our community for their own individual prosperity.

You can bank on it I wish that Portsmouth would wake up. I am not a radical, I am a realist, and I have a family, and live an every day normal middle class life. I love Portsmouth but I am extremely sad and angry at the direction that we are headed.

Nowadays you hear the redneck comment. “Well if you don’t like it here then move somewhere else” That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard, why is it a bad thing to be critical of your own city? When did this become horrible? Just seems like we are being taken to the cleaners by these individuals and the end is not in sight.

I think that we are in big trouble! Not sure what we are going to do about it. The polls clearly indicate that the city is divided 50/50 and as Abraham Lincoln once said. “A country that is divided will not stand!”

Good Luck Portsmouth! We need all of the luck we can get!



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If you visit the updated Council Information website by Bob Mollette, Regular Council Meeting of 11-14-2005, you will find in the Conference Session Agenda a time allowance has been prearranged for discussion on Charter Changes. After hearing Mr. Mohr’s suggestion on modifying the Charter concerning the Recalls (which he stated by Ordinance—shows how much he knows!!) I am assuming a discussion will be brought to the table concerning the Section of the Charter dealing with Recalls.

The recall is a purely political process. It is the electoral process by which an elected officer is removed from office before the expiration of the term. All but 10 states provide for the recall of public officers.

Taxpayers are like the bosses of government officials; government official would be like the public’s employees. “Employees don’t dictate to bosses rules and regulations. The Portsmouth City Charters provides the “employer the voters” the right to “recall”-“fire” their publicly elected officials – “employees of the voters”. The truth is that politicians don’t like to be “fired/recalled” and so the politicians and the special interest groups around Portsmouth have waged a war on the rights of the voters of Portsmouth to the issue of “recall/fire” public officials through propaganda disseminated by the public officials, the special interest groups and The Portsmouth Daily Times.

The bottom line is: If the citizens don’t trust you, you have no business to represent them.

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