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I will provide documents and information I have dealing with the Marting purchase (Past and Present). If you do not see the information you are interested in—ASK —I may have the information in my files but have not had the opportunity or felt the need to post it.

If I do not have a document that is requested I will try and obtain a copy and post to site ASAP.

If you have documents containing information about the Marting Purchase and feel others would appreciate the information send me a copy and I will post it to this Category ASAP.

Teresa Mollette

To view information on the Marting Sham


Response to Mr. McClung

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I received a phone call from a friend directing me to a local website and an article written by a Mr. McClung. Mr. McClung stated in this article he has never met me so, my suggestion is; before you form an opinion on me or my husband—or anyone for that matter—obtain all the facts (after all it would help make your articles more palatable).

As for Mayor Kalb’s second wife, she attended a meeting for “Citizens for Responsible Government,” which was held on the Saturday prior to the July 25th City Council meeting. The purpose of the 1st part of the meeting was to inform the public about the upcoming legislation in Regular Session of Council. A couple of the council members were asked to attend this portion of the meeting to convey the details about Ordinances for the upcoming City Council agenda, which would provide more information to the citizens than is disseminated by the PDT. Citizens must maintain a questioning attitude and a desire for knowledge.

During the first half of the meeting Bob Mollette reviewed and fielded questions from ALL interested citizens relating to City Council Legislative items and the Conference Session items on the Agenda for Monday nights Regular City Council meeting, which of course could be changed if Mohr, Baughman, Malone, or Albrecht decided to remove or add items to the agenda after participating in a private back-room meeting not open to the public and to further have their illegal action overlooked by the City Solicitor David Kuhn. After Bob’s review of the items he knew to be on the schedule for Monday nights Regular Session of Council, per Council Packet, he left the meeting prior to the opening of the 2nd half of the meeting, which was to discuss the recalls, of course Mayor Jim Kalb’s second wife omitted the tidbit of information about Bob leaving the meeting at this point or was that a deliberate oversight on the part of Mr. McClung?

After Bob left the meeting Mayor Jim Kalb’s second wife began pointing her finger along with ranting and raving about how Mr. Leedom has and continues to write articles concerning her husband, Mayor Jim Kalb, on a website Mr. Leedom personally owns, writes and edits—The website is not affiliated with the “Citizens for Responsible Government.” The enraged Mayor’s second wife continued her rants against Mr. Leedom for quite a few minutes prior to me asking Mayor Jim Kalb’s second wife to take-up her personal affairs and dislike against Mr. Leedom outside this meeting (I don’t believe airing dirty laundry in a public forums, and by the way this behavior sounds a lot like a councilman we all know). The mayor’s second wife then left the meeting asking one of the attendees, not Mr. Leedom, to follow her outside so she could tell this individual why she had really attended the meeting. She informed this individual to let everyone know “Not to trust Lee Scott or believe anything he has to say”. Oh, and by the way I did not tell the Mayor’s second wife I liked the first wife better—I said the first wife was cuter.

As for Mr. McClung’s section of his article pertaining to my opinion and how I vote; First of all I do want to make one thing very clear I do not personally or professionally know Mr. McClung, but yes it is possible for him to be familiar with my opinion, but as for the part about knowing how I vote—Nobody knows except me how I vote unless you are informing me and everyone else the polls are fixed.

As for the comment on Bob being docile and expressing my views when he votes—think again; give him a call and see for yourself just how wrong you really are! Or, Mr. McClung, are you not man enough to address Bob to get the facts?

As for your descriptive rendition of domineering women this tells me you have a hang-up against this style of women, which this type of man (mouse) is commonly referred to as a male chauvinistic pig and a true sign of a weak individual–don’t you think? Either way they both bear a resemblance to animals; mouse/pig???????????????????

McClung also says he likes to keep his eyes and ears open, and learn????????????
Maybe or Maybe Not—The jury is still out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more bit of information you and the readers may find of interest. It seems at the Democratic meeting held in New Boston Thursday July 28th the Mayor, Jim Kalb, decided to pull a stunt similar to his second wife’s display at the “Citizens for Responsible Government” meeting. He asked the Democratic Party to support him and his efforts(?) for the Mayorial race in November and then pointing a finger at Mr. Leedom, while ranting and raving, demanded the Democratic Party take control of this man and force him to comply with not writing articles in his, Mr. Leedom’s, own personal website the “Shawnee Sentinel” . It seems Mr. Basham had to quickly call for adjournment of the meeting.

Teresa Mollette


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