2009 Budget Projections for the City of Portsmouth – Not Good

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Pres. David Malone, 2nd Ward Council; VP Gerald Albrecht, 4th Ward Council; Mike Merean, 1st Ward Council; John Haas, 5th Ward Council; Jim Kalb, Mayor; Trent Williams, City Auditor.
These 6 puppets stay true to their unelected leaders and regurgitate whatever they are told to say, even if it means the demise of the City.

On July 30th 2009, Auditor Trent Williams calculated a Projected General Fund Revenue Summary for the current 2009 Fiscal Year. The Projected Year-End Revenues were obtained by using the Actual YTD figures from June 30th, 2009 and the Projected Year-End Revenues. These calculations show the City is approximately $1.1 million dollars short of meeting their year-to-end budget, and those figures only emphasize the highlighted line-items.  My feeling about the report is Trent was being very conservative in his calculations after reviewing the rest of the line-items. Trent used conservative numbers in predicting the Projected 2009 numbers on some line-items. Other line-items also show a shortfall for the City: several of the line items show Actual YTD 09 collections missing their mark by more than 50%.  By December these anemic financial chickens will come home to roost.

Once Council passes an Ordinance to accept the General Fund Budget the Budget is no longer the Mayor’s Budget but Council’s Budget.

Four (4) Council members (1st Ward Mike Mearan, 2nd Ward David Malone, 4th Ward Gerald Albrecht, and 5th Ward John Haas) voted in favor of Mayor Kalb’s proposed 2009 General Fund Revenue Budget in January, even though the City Auditor said he did not feel the figures presented to Council were achievable. Trent, even though he had reservations about the Budget, stood behind and even supported the pressure being placed on Council to pass the Budget by the Mayor and then ultimately joined forces with the 4 Council members whose vote it was to pass the 2009 General Fund Revenue Budget this past January.

The Auditor’s report shows the City could experience close to a $2 million deficit by the time December 31, 2009 gets here.

CLICK:  2009 General Fund Revenue Summary – 2009 Budgeted, Actual YTD June 30, 2009 and Projected Year-End Revenues

Working against the Taxpayers

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During the Marting scandal Trent Williams, City Auditor, ensured the money that was collected illegally from City taxpayers between the years 1998 and 2002 and deposited in the 401 Debt Retirement Fund was accessible to Council for the bailout of the Marting Foundation and Clay Johnson. Williams influenced the particulars associated with the 401 Debt Retirement Fund so the illegally collected tax monies could be paid to Johnson through a Lawyers Trust to benefit the Foundation at the expense of the taxpayers.

Below you will see a clip from the 6-22-09 City Council meeting where Williams again is trying to influence Council and the public into believing that the 401 Debt Retirement Fund is for the sole discretion of Council and to hell with the public.

CLICK:  6-22-09Williams-1


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