7-27-09 City Council Meeting

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CLICK: 7-27-09 Mearan during his 1st Ward Report

“I can just speak for Mike Mearan that no one tells Mike Mearan how to vote or what to say, I speak my piece.”

“I’m not always on the right side. I can accept that and go on.”

Well Mike, if you can accept that the voters have voted three (3) times and all three (3) times, count them, all three (3) times have said NO – to the Marting Building then why are you trying to obligate the City to further taxes when they have said NO!!!!!!!

And Mike, since no one tells Mike Mearan “how to vote or what to say” I guess you are personally responsible for sponsoring the additional monetary burden on the City, which will be discussed at the next Council Meeting, and I’m sure there will be no input allowed by the citizens of Portsmouth.

Listen and watch the video of Williams, City Auditor explaining that the City is short (money) in the General Fund and several of the other Enterprise Funds, and wondering how we will make the 2nd half of the year.

CLICK: 7-27-09 Vidoe Auditor Williams

Reporting on the budget figures for the first half of the year, City Auditor Trent Williams said, “So far [the numbers are] not looking really good. The General Fund [is] not performing as well as we had hoped.”

“We still have the 2nd half of the year to go, but I will finish finalizing the numbers in the report and give that to the Mayor so that he can, bring some, oh possible, suggestions or ideas making it through the rest of the year.”


The “2009” Budget was passed by 4 Council members – 1st Ward Mike Mearan, 2nd Ward Mike Malone, 4th Ward Gerald Albrecht and 5th Ward John Haas.  In my opinion these four (4) council members did not do their homework prior to passing a budget that was damned from the start.

August 25th, 2008 City Council Meeting

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I have known for quite some time that the City of Portsmouth, Ohio has four (4) City Council members, 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman, President; 2nd Ward Council David Malone, Vice President; 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan; and 4th Ward Council Jerrold Albrecht that are not on council for the best interest of the City. Instead I believe they have remained on Council to serve special interest groups like the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) as well as other unelected leaders.

Tonight’s, August 25, 2008, City Council Meeting I witnessed another stage of the ineffectiveness and incompetence of these four (4) Council members I mentioned above at managing the City. On the agenda tonight was an Ordinance that requested Council to approve the transfer of money from the General Fund to an Engineering Fund. Bob Mollette, 3rd Ward Councilman, requested the Auditor to certify money was available for transfer to the account. Auditor Trent Williams’ basic response to this question was to inform Council there was no way he could certify available money for transfer and, in his opinion, the General Fund was operating in the red. He also expressed his attempts for contacting the Engineering Department’s Department Head to try and resolve the issue of funds not being available for this transfer but had no success.

Council voted on the Ordinance, Item 7a, to transfer unverified funds from the General Fund to the Engineering Fund. 3 reading rules was suspended and Ordinance passed 4 to 2. Voting to pass the Ordinance and spend money not certified by the City Auditor were – 5th Ward Council Howard Baughman, President; 2nd Ward Council David Malone, Vice President; 1st Ward Council Mike Mearan; and 4th Ward Council Jerrold Albrecht. City Solicitor Mike Jones sat back and watched as 4 Council members voted to the affirmative to put the City in debt with nothing but a Hope and a Prayer for finding someway to balance the budget at the end of the year.

CLICK:  To Watch video highlights from the meeting.

Portsmouth City Council Meeting

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Current Legislative and Conference Agenda’s and Ordinances have been posted on http://mollette.info

Portsmouth City Council Meeting
Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 6:00 pm
2nd floor City Building
2nd Street, Portsmouth, Ohio

Try to attend. It’s time for you to get involved in what is happening in your city.

“Special” City Council Meeting

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CLICK:  http://mollette.info 

July 9, 2008 @ 06:00 p.m.
2nd Street, City Building, Council Chambers
Portsmouth, Ohio

The purpose of the meeting is to have a public hearing on the 2009 tax budget and to give the resolution providing for that budget a second reading.

Update Information:

CLICK: 7-9-08 “Special” City Council Meeting

Monday, February 11, 2008 Council Meeting

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These are my comments about the Monday, February 11, 2008 “Regular” City Council Meeting.

The February 11, 2008 Agenda gave a 3rd Reading to the 2008 Operating Budget. The only council member who questioned the reliability, numbers, and information provided in the 2008 Operating Budget document has been 3rd Ward Councilman, Bob Mollette. On December 27, 2007 Councilman Mollette provided the Mayor three (3) pages of questions needing answered prior to approving the budget (click: http://portsmouthcitizens.info/Council/Bob/07-061Dec27.pdf); to date the mayor still has not provided written feedback to these questions.

At the Council Meeting I provided a letter to the solicitor, mayor and council with my concerns of unlawful and unethical behavior by both the mayor and the solicitor if they receive in-term raises, which are included in the 2008 Operating Budget. In this letter I provided a ruling from the Ohio Ethics Board and several sections from State and local laws (click: http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?page_id=311, letter dated February 11, 2008 08-002).

During the Auditor’s Report Mr. Williams criticized the amount of time taken for items not on the agenda, and that he felt a discussion should have taken place concerning the budget (click link to: 2-11-08 City Council Meeting Auditor Report – Trent Williams); basically what I think he said was the meeting was a waste his time. I do agree with Mr. Williams that a discussion should have taken place about the budget, but by the rules set forth by Howard Baughman, President of Council, no discussions will take place after a council member requests to table an item. I also believe this is the wrong approach to work through city issues. You need to take that up with Mr. Baughman.

A concern I have with Mr. Williams’ comment is I am getting the feeling Mr. Williams feels it’s a waste of his time to listen to citizens concerns. Maybe we need to remember this at the next election. Citizens should feel it is a waste of their time to vote for Trent Williams for Auditor. With this attitude it seems he has taken the position of the ex-6th Ward Council member Marty Mohr who tried to remove from the agenda the rights for citizens to speak on items not on the agenda.

Mr. Williams also mentioned during his report that council determined pay of selected city officials. After the meeting I requested clarification by Mr. Williams about his comment concerning pay raises for the Solicitor and the Auditor. He informed me past practice takes preference over ethical behavior and laws of our city and state. This comment by Mr. Williams enlightened me on why the majority of our city officials feel their unethical behavior is justified – past practice!

Another noteworthy part of the Monday’s council meeting was listening to Mayor Jim Kalb criticize, mock, and ridicule citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio (click: http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?page_id=47 Mayors Reports 1&2). In my opinion the Mayor was deliberately trying to get a rise out of the citizens who were in attendance at the meeting. At this meeting a uniformed and armed police officer was stationed in the back of the room. During the Mayor’s Report Jim rambled for nearly 13 minutes until he got his victim to bite with a rebuttal to his comments.

At the Monday night conference session meeting, which is held directly after the City Council Meeting, a discussion item was scheduled from the January 29th City Council Meeting to provide an item on the agenda to discuss possible locations for the new city building project. No discussion was held.

During several previous council meetings 1st Ward Council member Mike Mearan mentioned, time is running out for the taxpayers of Portsmouth to get their $1.5 million back from the Marting Foundation; for complete information on the Marting scandal click: http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?page_id=90.

The $1.5 million dollars the Marting Foundation is in possession of is taxpayer money, which was collected suspiciously from the taxpayers and used to purchase a building from the Marting Foundation, at an extravagant cost. The time restraint deadline that has been mentioned several times by Mr. Mearan for recouping the above referenced $1.5 million has been March 2008. I wrote and delivered letter 08-001, Time Limitations, to Solicitor, Council and Mayor providing my explanation and documentation to substantiate the accurate date of June 2, 2008 (click: http://portsmouthcitizens.info/blog/?page_id=161).  Also, on this same link you can find 1st Ward Council member Mike Mearan’s Report.