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During the August 10th, 2009 “Regular” City Council Meeting I tried to give the 4 council members (Mike Mearan, 1st Ward; David Malone, 2nd Ward; Gerald Albrecht, 4th Ward and John Haas, 5th Ward) the benefit of the doubt that they just don’t come to meetings prepared, but Trent Williams, the City Auditor just laid it out on the table these four council members just don’t comprehend, especially Albrecht. The only 2 councilmen that come to meetings prepared, comprehend the issues of the City, and try to do what is best for the citizens of the City are 3rd Ward Bob Mollette and 6th Ward Rich Noel.

CLICK:  8-10-09 Trent Williams

Portsmouth City Council Meetings

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Portsmouth City Council Meetings

Time Warner, Channel 24Saturday’s @ 12:00 pm & Sunday’s @ 1:00 pm

If you miss these showings  you can watch Present and Past City Council Meetings on the web @

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Working against the Taxpayers

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During the Marting scandal Trent Williams, City Auditor, ensured the money that was collected illegally from City taxpayers between the years 1998 and 2002 and deposited in the 401 Debt Retirement Fund was accessible to Council for the bailout of the Marting Foundation and Clay Johnson. Williams influenced the particulars associated with the 401 Debt Retirement Fund so the illegally collected tax monies could be paid to Johnson through a Lawyers Trust to benefit the Foundation at the expense of the taxpayers.

Below you will see a clip from the 6-22-09 City Council meeting where Williams again is trying to influence Council and the public into believing that the 401 Debt Retirement Fund is for the sole discretion of Council and to hell with the public.

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Citizens for Change in the 5th Ward

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9-30-08 A Press Conference was conducted on Grandview Ave by a committee called “Citizens for Change in the Fifth Ward”. This committee presented the issues associated to the lack of leadership and accountability we have in Portsmouth, Ohio. At the conclusion of the Press Conference an announcement was made that a Recall effort would be started to remove 5th Ward Councilperson Howard Baughman. Also, Jane Murray stated at this Press Conference her intentions on running to fill the vacancy in the 5th Ward if Howard Baughman is voted out of office.

CLICK: 9-30-08 Press Conference

CLICK: 9-2008 Jane Murray bio

Update: Jane Murray left the Press Conference to turn in the petitions to the City Clerk for the Recall of Howard Baughman, 5th Ward. But, when she arrived at the City Building she was notified the City Clerk was on vacation for the week; the City shuts down when the City Clerk is out of the office.  Another point of fact and proof several of the current City elected officials do not know how to run a business or make changes for the betterment of Portsmouth, Ohio.

From: The Office of James D. Kalb

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“The City of Portsmouth has cooperated with both the State Fire Marshall’s office and our building officials to find that there are some maintenance issues in opening the building to the public. There were minor upgrades that had to be done and the city has decided that since the building is vacant, spending money to make the necessary upgrades is not fiscally responsible at this time.

If the city center initiative is passed by the voter’s this November, we will have the opportunity to correct all of the maintenance issues at that time. Any monies spent now could possibly be in addition to those that will have to be spent at the time of renovation.

We sincerely hope that the “anonymous” complaint did not come as a direct result of the Portsmouth Area Arts Council being in support of the City Center Pavilion. PAAC as well as Main Street Portsmouth and several other entities and individuals have worked hard to bring events to our city. It would be unfortunate that retaliation may be a factor in the initial call.

The Phantom Art Gallery is still going to happen but is being postponed at this time. Portsmouth Area Arts Council is a non-profit that works very hard to integrate the arts into the lives of young people and their families in the Greater Portsmouth area.

The City of Portsmouth is excited that this is the fifth year for the Tour of Lofts. We urge all citizens try to take advantage of this tour and to support the positive efforts of all individuals involved in making the event happen. I would also ask that citizens stay dedicated and focused in making Portsmouth prosper.”

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