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In my opinion Chief Horner’s real heartburn with the internet sites is the truth can be told and seen first hand. Let’s watch a video of what is really meant by Threats and Intimidation, see link below:

CLICK: 3-10-08 This video is a wav file of the Chief of Police Charles Horner making threats and intimidating internet site owners and any citizen who disagrees with him or his plans.

The picture above depicts the true meaning of threats and intimidation towards silencing the people.

Democracy at its worst!

Why use a gun to steal money when all you have to do in Portsmouth, Ohio, is get elected to a political office? Whether as a council member, mayor, chief of police or city solicitor the sport of thievery seems to flourish in Portsmouth.

One technique elected officials use to successfully rip off citizens of Portsmouth is by stripping away the citizen’s vote by pretending it doesn’t exist. This basic democratic right is repetitively stolen by our politicians in order to ensure their own agenda and to increase their own political power.

When politicians are not held accountable, they stop listening to the people. They become an elite club who vote themselves perquisites. Our taxes are used for their personal gain instead of what is best for the community. A sizeable group of concerned citizens of Portsmouth are trying to change this. They are trying to hold politicians accountable and to generate enough public discussions in an effort to stimulate debate and coerce proper actions by our politicians.

On March 24, 2008, 4 out of 6 City Council members voted to move forward actually, move backwards with plans to renovate the Marting building. This act deprived the citizens of Portsmouth their fundamental right of vote. Voting rights in May 2006 the citizens of Portsmouth voted on a referendum that stopped all renovations on the Marting building by almost a 3 to 1 ratio. This referendum stated that no further actions would be taken on the Marting building without a vote by the voters of Portsmouth.

At this same meeting many citizens addressed council regarding this injustice that was being inflicted on the voters and the taxpayers of Portsmouth. Prior to this meeting the Chief of Police setup a video camera and positioned it facing the audience and the public speaking podium. This action was a deliberate tactic to intimide the public. Instead of using the camera to televise council proceedings as has been requested many times in the past, it was used to discourage citizens from speaking out.

It would behoove every citizen to be well informed and demand security in the vital process we call voting. The groundwork of democracy depends upon the right of every citizen to vote and be counted. Voting should be valued as the lifeblood of Portsmouth by the citizens and by elected officials.

Citizens must protect their rights; it is up to us to learn who threatens democracy and act to reverse detrimental trends.

Who do I feel are the major offenders behind the act of taking away your vote and your fundamental rights?

Jim Kalb, Mayor (Advisory Building Committee)
Mike Jones, City Solicitor (Advisory Building Committee)
Howard Baughman, President and 5th Ward Council
David Malone, Vice President and 2nd Ward Council
Mike Mearan, 1st Ward Council (Advisory Building Committee)
Gerald Albrecht, 4th Ward Council
Charles Horner, Chief of Police – The Intimidator
Trent Williams, Auditor (Advisory Building Committee)

Also, the Advisory Building Committee is gathering in meetings not open to the public and they are providing no information to the public.

Marting Building

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We all know a decision has to be made about the location of City offices’.

During the May 2006 election the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio spoke loudly (2 to 1) by saying, “NO Marting Building”. It now appears we still have several public officials that are still pushing to use the Marting Building as City offices’.

What are our options:
The existing City Building
The old Adelphia Building
The Marting Building?

What do you think?

This is a New Year – let’s ensure the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio are heard and listened to.

Get involved!!!!!!!!


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Fallacies reported by 1st Ward Councilperson Mike Mearan.

The dictionary description of Fallacy “mistaken belief or idea” or “the condition of being deceptive” (you decide)!

CLICK:  Reported associated costs for building a new City Complex