Citizens for Change in the 5th Ward

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9-30-08 A Press Conference was conducted on Grandview Ave by a committee called “Citizens for Change in the Fifth Ward”. This committee presented the issues associated to the lack of leadership and accountability we have in Portsmouth, Ohio. At the conclusion of the Press Conference an announcement was made that a Recall effort would be started to remove 5th Ward Councilperson Howard Baughman. Also, Jane Murray stated at this Press Conference her intentions on running to fill the vacancy in the 5th Ward if Howard Baughman is voted out of office.

CLICK: 9-30-08 Press Conference

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Update: Jane Murray left the Press Conference to turn in the petitions to the City Clerk for the Recall of Howard Baughman, 5th Ward. But, when she arrived at the City Building she was notified the City Clerk was on vacation for the week; the City shuts down when the City Clerk is out of the office.  Another point of fact and proof several of the current City elected officials do not know how to run a business or make changes for the betterment of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Citizens for Change in The Fifth

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…Of the People…By the People…And for the People

MEDIA ADVISORY For More Information Contact:
September 29, 2008 Jane Murray

Citizens’ Initiative To Change Direction of Local Government

A group of Portsmouth citizens will announce an effort to help ensure city government responds to the needs and interests of the public and acts as a representative and transparent government. A news conference will be held:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
10:30 a.m.
2311 Grandview Avenue
Portsmouth, OH

Many of these citizens have tried for years to get the city to fix its infrastructure so that sewage would not back up into their homes during rain events. Owing to the city’s negligence, it only took 2.5 inches of rain in June of 2008 to once again flood homes with raw sewage and effluent.

The city and the President of Council, Howard Baughman who represents the affected neighborhoods have, instead, been focusing efforts on a 30-year property tax increase to build new city offices. The Citizens for Change in the Fifth are determined to “take their government back” and make it once again Of the People, By the People and For the People.