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To the citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio:

If you want to know how little regard your Mayor, Mr. Kalb, has for you and the LAWS of this city, then please read this.

On 10-10-05 City Council had to vote on the very controversial right of Eminent Domain. The council voted not to use Eminent Domain by a vote of 5 to 0 with Mr. Loper not voting as he was absent.

Then on 10-14-05 our Mayor went ahead and used it to close the deal for developer Neal Hatcher. They transferred the property at 1111 3rd St. to the City and then to Mr. Hatcher. This is the path of Eminent Domain. They violated the City Charter in doing so. They are telling us the law is only there to keep us little people under control.

If Mr. Rau and Mr. Hatcher have reached an agreement and want to deal that is a private matter. Our Mayor should not be involved. This behavior will only get worse if they get away with it. If we don’t clean up our government then why bother with cruisefest.

James K. Wilson, Chairman
Citizens for Responsible Government